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Ryan Hartman Accuses Perfetti of Deception in High-Stick Incident

Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman is denying that he said anything that would incriminate him when it came to his high stick on Perfetti.

Denying he ever said anything to suggest he was retaliating for a cross-check to Kirill Kaprizov, Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman has accused Winnipeg Jets player Cole Perfetti of attempting to bait him into admitting guilt for a high-stick incident during their recent game. Instead, Hartman claims he knew Perfetti was wearing a microphone for a Jets social media video, and that the young forward repeatedly approached him during the game, questioning whether the high-stick was intentional.

In an article by Michael Russo of The Athletic, Hartman is claiming Perfetti isn’t being honest about the way everything went down. He also claims Perfetti repeatedly tried to catch Hartman saying something that could be used against him. “It’s written on the wall that he’s wearing a mic,” Hartman explained. “He kept coming up to me, and I finally said, ‘I’m not gonna say it wasn’t on purpose.’ That was the extent of it.” He also called the Jets’ claims that Perfetti kept the incident to himself during the game and only spoke after it was over a lie. “He f—ing told everyone right away,” Hartman said.

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Both teams claim to possess video and audio footage of their conversation, but it can’t be used by the NHL in examining fines or suspensions.

Hartman was fined $4,427.08, the maximum allowable under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), but faced no suspension. The Wild assert that the footage provided by the Jets aligns with Hartman’s account, although the existence of additional clips remains uncertain.

The Hartman High Stick Incident Is Far From Over

This incident follows Hartman’s history of fines and suspensions, with the veteran forward expressing indifference to his public image. At the same time, it would odd for him to lie about what he said knowing it was recorded. Meanwhile, Perfetti has to know that saying something like this is going to make him a primary target for the next time these two teams meet. Hartman vehemently denied admitting to the intentional high stick. That Perfetti is saying he did won’t sit well with someone who doesn’t mind teetering on the edge of ethical.

Ryan Hartman Cole Perfetti high stick

Looking ahead, the Wild are scheduled to face the Jets again on February 20, with Hartman dismissing concerns about potential retaliation or negative reception from Jets fans.

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