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NHL Trade Talk Is Looking For Contributors

Looking for a fun, interesting, flexible and part-time way to cover the game you love and potentially make some money on the side? NHL Trade Talk is looking for regular contributors!

What Is NHL Trade Talk?

A fun new website that examines and discusses NHL news, rumors, and debates the NHL Draft, Free Agency and the biggest trades in hockey.

Our site is informative, funny, interactive, and we’re looking to build a great team to continue bringing content to hockey fans.

Here’s what we’re looking for…

  • For writers who love hockey, particularly the NHL!
  • Share your passion with a growing audience
  • Have your work as a writer/host promoted on multiple platforms
  • Get paid to cover something you enjoy

The Perks of Joining the NHL Trade Talk Team

  • Contributors are paid monthly for the work they produce (minimums may be required)
  • Great network of other writers to interact with and elevate your online presence
  • Rapidly growing audience and expanding exposure on a variety of media platforms

There is potential for a full-time income. That said, on average, contributors can make a little extra pocket money writing 3-5 articles per week. Plus, we know you want to talk about this stuff anyway… why not get paid for it?


  • Experience writing online is preferred. Lack of online experience will require training and an extended trial period.
  • Ability to work with an editor
  • Ability to meet article minimums
  • A social media presence to share your work and willingness to promote yours and other site-wide published articles.

How To Apply

Fill out the form below and one of our Administrators will be in contact with you. You’ll be asked to submit a sample post which might be used on the site. Please be sure it is an original article (not something posted elsewhere).

Areas we are looking to cover:

Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Winnipeg Jets, Ottawa Senators, Vancouver Canucks, hockey prospects, and the draft…

Other areas will considered on a case-by-case basis.

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