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When it comes to sports and entertainment, NHL Trade Talk gives you a front row to some of the coolest hockey articles on the Internet. We’ve created a platform for writers to share their work on sites everywhere and for a few select writers to write original material here.

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Our Goals

We have a few simple goals here at NHL Trade Talk that we hope to encourage all of our contributors, staff and partners to share:

  1. Share Good Stuff: Don’t write crap and then link to it. This site is meant to provide thoughtful, insightful and interesting reading for our visitors.
  2. Know What Is Relevant: Write about what’s relevant. If it’s popular or “trending” people are likely looking for articles and opinions about it. This is the easiest way to get your stuff read and grow your audience.
  3. We Are A Platform: Think of this place as a platform. If you have any interest in making a career out or journalism, freelance writing, social media or other platforms to get yourself known out there on the Internet, this is a great group to be a part of. Our goal is to reach as many eyeballs as possible. As we grow, so will your following.
  4. Share: Share, share, share. If you have social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or LinkedIn, share your stuff. As we all share the articles on this site, our audience grows. As our audience grows, we have a chance to do more things.
  5. Be Respectful: We want your opinion but we do not tolerate political, racial or sexual tirades meant to stir up our readership.
  6. Bring In Like-minded People: This site will function only if there’s content. That means, we need people! Tell us if there is some fantastic and underappreciated content out there that needs us to help promote it.

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