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Golden Knights Make Deadline Splash, Trade for Sharks’ Tomas Hertl

The Vegas Golden Knights have made another trade deadline splash, trading for Tomas Hertl of the San Jose Sharks.

In a shocking last-minute trade just under the wire at this season’s NHL Trade Deadline, Tomas Hertl has been traded from the San Jose Sharks to the Vegas Golden Knights. This marks another significant acquisition for Vegas, who proves their relentless drive to make big splashes hasn’t diminished despite being the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

The return will see the Sharks retain salary for six seasons. Officially, the trade is for a first-round pick in 2025, David Edstrom (Vegas’ first from 2023), a 3rd in 2025, and a 3rd in 2027 for Hertl at $6.75 (17% retained).

This a deal for the future in San Jose, but a move for right now and the long-term in Vegas. The Golden Knights have placed a substantial value on Hertl, giving up a lot to acquire him. The move adds to Vegas’ recent flurry of trades, including Noah Hanifin and Anthony Mantha.

Hertl, a top-six center, brings a versatile offensive skill set to the Golden Knights. Despite being on injured reserve at the moment, Hertl is expected to make a significant impact once he returns for the playoffs. The acquisition adds depth and strength to Vegas’ lineup, solidifying their status as serious contenders.

With an impressive $8,137,500 average annual value and six more years on his contract, the details around what dominos fall as a result of this deal will be fascinating to watch. Hertl’s arrival in Vegas is met with enthusiasm, but there will be moves made next season to ensure the organization remains cap-compliant. The Sharks, relinquishing a key player, face the challenge of reshaping their roster in the absence of open retention spots for the upcoming deadline if they opt to retain salary.

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The Golden Knights’ proactive approach to the trade deadline sets them apart from other teams, showcasing a level of creativity that puts them in a favorable position. Hertl’s willingness to waive his no-move clause to join Vegas underscores the appeal of playing for a team with championship aspirations.

Tomas Hertl Golden Knights trade

The Vegas Golden Knights, known for their “Salary Cap Gymnastics,” have orchestrated a series of impactful trades, solidifying their roster for the playoff push. Hertl, along with other recent additions, is expected to contribute significantly once he returns from injury, adding depth and strength to an already formidable lineup. The playoff picture for Vegas is shaping up to be even more formidable with these big moves.

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