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Young Cole Caufield Video Goes Viral Showing off Forward’s Acting Chops

A Cole Caufield video has gone viral where he shows off his acting chops as a student. It’s about the best thing you’ll see all week.

Every once and a while, something great comes across the hockey Twitterverse that highlights another side of a player. Such was the case on Thursday as an old video of Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield has gone viral, showing off his acting chops as a high school student named Justin. It’s about the cutest thing in the world and Habs fans are going gaga over it.

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The person who posted the video has since said, “Cole I am genuinely so sorry that I found and shared this.”, likely because it’s gone viral and everyone seems to be commenting, but it’s really not a bad thing. Fans are loving that this is out there, showing off a different side to an immensely talented young NHL player.

The original full-length (over 9 minutes) video (called Small Town Love) is on Youtube it was some kind of school project that was posted back in May of 2019. The video is about a young girl going to a new school and trying to make friends. In the clip that has gone viral, Caufield bumps into her on her first day and introduces himself. What you don’t see in the rest of the video is that his current girlfriend is jealous and poses an ultimatum to stop seeing the new girl. He wrestles with his feelings for the new girl and ultimately he and his current girlfriend break up and he dates the new student.

Media outlets have picked up on the video and BarDown writes, “And the Oscar goes to… Cole Caufield!” Others have said things like ‘who knew Caufield was such a good actor?’ All of them are having fun with the post. It just goes to show that the lives of NHL players aren’t all that different from most other students before they make it big.

Should his NHL career not work out, perhaps he’s got a future in Hollywood!

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