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NHLPA Threatens Grievance Over Perry’s Blackhawks Contract Termination

While not officially filed, there is a threat on behalf of NHLPA to file a grievance against Corey Perry’s contract termination in Chicago.

The NHL has confirmed that there could be a significant development in Corey Perry’s contract situation with the Chicago Blackhawks. While one has not officially been filed, there is a threat on behalf of the NHLPA to file a grievance against Perry’s contract termination. Both the NHL & NHLPA agreed to extend the deadline for Corey Perry to file a grievance against his contract termination from Chicago.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman expressed in a media conference Friday, “I don’t have any problems with what the Blackhawks did.” And, Bill Daly, deputy commissioner of the NHL, indicated that the league backs Chicago’s stance on the matter. But, the NHLPA might believe otherwise.

Corey Perry Blackhawks rumors

Despite the support from the league both in the Blackhawks and Perry moving on (Perry signed with the Edmonton Oilers), it was revealed that Perry has a pending grievance. The NHLPA believes — and likely Perry does too, though he hasn’t commented — the Blackhawks lacked proper grounds for terminating his contract. According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), players and the NHLPA have a 60-day window to file a grievance, and the NHLPA has hinted at potentially filing on behalf of the player for his late November contract termination.

The situation won’t affect his standing with the Edmonton Oilers, but it could be ruled that Perry is due some of the money that was left on the table as part of his one-year, $4 million contract he signed with Chicago this offseason.

The Oilers Welcome Perry, Even If Not Everyone Loved the Signing

Meanwhile, in the realm of fan reactions, some Edmonton Oilers supporters expressed dissatisfaction with Corey Perry’s signing, considering his history as a perennial pest and rival. But, while he’s only played one game for the team, he looked solid in that single performance.

Perry issued an apology and took immediate steps to address and rectify the situation, saying he was working to better himself after the incident. The Oilers are comfortable to that end.

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