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How Does the Elias Lindholm Trade Affect the Oilers?

If the Oilers were watching the trade between Vancouver and Calgary for Elias Lindholm, they learned the price to grab a top player is high.

The fallout from the Elias Lindholm trade to the Vancouver Canucks is going to be an interesting storyline to watch. The Canucks got out ahead of the Trade Deadline and grabbed arguably the most coveted center on the market. They also paid a pretty penny to acquire him. As such, a market has been set and a standard will need to be met for any team looking at trading for a player of Lindholm’s caliber. Big trades from here on in will be affected. This includes if the Edmonton Oilers want to make a deal as potential deadline buyers.

Specifically, rumors have linked Oilers’ GM Ken Holland to winger Jake Guentzel. This is not to say that anything is close, but there is possible interest there. The only issue now is the asking price. Pittsburgh Penguins’ GM Kyle Dubas is well aware that Guentzel should fetch a sizeable return if the team elects to trade him.

Jake Guentzel Leon Draisaitl Edmonton Oilers

Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic writes:

“Also, now that the rival Canucks have made a bold move, how will the Edmonton Oilers respond? Maybe it’s too rich a price tag, and the Pittsburgh Penguins may decide not even to move him, but I love the idea of Jake Guentzel in an Oilers uniform.”

Dubas won’t be afraid to trade Guentzel if his team can’t find common ground in contract negotiations. A pending UFA, the winger be coveted and as a near-perfect fit alongside someone like Leon Draisaitl, it would make sense for the Oilers to be interested.

Does the Lindholm Trade Mean Guentzel is Too Expensive for the Oilers?

Already a factor is Guentzel’s salary. As a pure rental, squeezing in his $6 million salary wouldn’t have been possible without another move or a player going back. The Penguins might elect to retain salary, but in that case, the cost to acquire Guentzel goes up. Edmonton would be looking at a roster player, a prospect, a first-round pick, a later-round pick, and more. Dubas knows he’ll get it based on the trade Vancouver and Calgary made. The Oilers might not want to go there.

Then again, if Guentzel is the player Edmonton identifies as that one piece that puts them over the top, maybe it’s something Holland considers. The market is the market and GMs do crazy things before the deadline.

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