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What’s Happening with a Possible Joel Edmundson Trade

NHL trade talk rumors continue to surround Joel Edmundson. Will health concerns be the reason he’s ultimately not traded?

Darren Dreger said, “I’d be a bit surprised if he doesn’t get traded.” Those were comments the NHL insider made about defenseman Joel Edmundson who has been the subject of trade rumors for months but health concerns have put a pause on any potential deal with teams who are interested. A healthy Edmundson would be a useful asset. An unhealthy Edmundson is just a waste of assets.

Eric Engels of Sportsnet writes that Edmundson could be moved on Friday — the last day of the NHL Trade Deadline. His injury situation makes him far from a guarantee to be moved, but there are teams showing interest. Engels explains, “Sources we connected with late on Thursday suggested at least two playoff-bound teams remained interested in his services, making it possible he could move before Friday’s 3:00 p.m. ET., deadline.” He adds that teams wanted to see him play on Thursday night before they pulled the trigger on any possible trade.

Among the teams that have been rumored to show interest is the Calgary Flames. The issue for Calgary is that they are in tough to make the playoffs now. They’ll need some help from other teams to get in and adding Edmundson becomes more of a long-term play than someone who can help them now.

Joel Edmundson Montreal Canadiens NHL trade talk
Joel Edmundson Montreal Canadiens NHL trade talk

As for what the player wants, Edmundson has stated that he wants to remain with the Canadiens and that he loves this organization. Head coach Martin St. Louis said Edmundson is a big part of the locker room and team culture in Montreal. His teammates don’t want to see him moved either.

As for how Edmundson felt after playing in the game on Thursday, the defenseman said he was pain-free, and that he would’ve played in San Jose had his conditioning been up to par after missing 10 games. He felt good tonight.

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