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Insider Says New Zegras Contract Could Lead to Trade By Ducks

Did the Ducks just sign Trevor Zegras to a no-win contract? And, could the forward be traded in the next three years?

The Sportsnet panel spoke about the new contract extension given to Trevor Zegras. Elliotte Friedman, Justin Bourne, and Nick Kypreos all agreed that the three-year deal at $5.75 million deal signed by Zegras was a fair deal per season, but the shorter term didn’t show much confidence by the organization in the player.

Noting that GM Pat Verbeek is an old-school hockey player, the flashiness of Zegras is highlight-reel-type stuff, but it’s not clear he can take a team to the playoffs and win when it matters. In fact, the contract seems to suggest that Anaheim is more of the opinion that Zegras isn’t that player, at least not yet. Kypreos said it was the little things that Verbeek wanted to see and said Zegras isn’t actually a superstar. He then said, if he doesn’t prove himself to be a star in the NHL — likely over the next year and a half –, he’ll be in a different uniform before the contract comes to a close.

Friedman then pointed out, if Zegras does prove himself to be the superstar the Ducks need, he’ll remember this contract negotiation and seemed to hint it won’t sit well with him.

Either way, it sounds like the Ducks have walked themselves into a problem. They’ve either signed a flashy player that won’t help them win, or they have and the player isn’t going to look past how little confidence the organization showed in him. That could lead to Zegras not forgiving the Ducks and looking to play somewhere else, assuming the Ducks don’t first determine that he’s not a star in the next three years. Needless to say, it’s not an ideal situation. If the Ducks elect to dump him, what team is going to want a player or give good value in a trade for someone the Ducks don’t believe is a winner?

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