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Sadly, Fake Post About McDavid’s “End of Days” With Oilers Goes Viral

Sometimes, fake reports slip through the cracks and fans buy in. One about Connor McDavid’s displeasure in Edmonton gained steam Friday.

On Friday, a post on social media suggesting Connor McDavid was “growing frustrated & upset with the direction of the Oilers” went viral. The tweet got over 1 million views in just over 24 hours. The post suggested that McDavid was ready to leave the 1-5-1 Oilers if they didn’t do something quick to turn around their fortunes. The account that posted it claimed they “spoke with a player on the team, He wished to remain anonymous.”

While many followers called out the account for fake reporting, others took the tweet seriously. Somehow, they believed it was a credible outlet. The source is not only conveniently not mentioned, but the tweet is absolutely not true.

But, such is life when the chips are down for a team pegged to be a Stanley Cup contender. This kind of thing is not to be completely unexpected.

Connor McDavid Oilers presser
Connor McDavid Oilers presser

The Oilers… and McDavid Are Definitely Frustrated

McDavid might be frustrated, as are many of the players on the team. But, it’s fair to assume it’s not because he’s unhappy being a member of the Oilers. Like any competitor who hates losing, if McDavid is upset, it’s likely because his team is struggling. And, especially so because it’s not entirely clear why.

With that comes the opening accounts like this one need. Known for posting fake news about the NHL superstar is how they stir things up. The post that caught fire was published on October 26th at 10:12 pm. This same account has posted and retweeted similar stories in an attempt to get the traction this last tweet did. For that reason alone, we won’t be publishing or linking the tweet. It’s 100% not credible and we don’t want to give it any further juice or acknowledgement. There’s no reason to give them what they want.

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But, if you look hard enough, you’ll find it as the tweet was reposted over 485 times and liked over 2K times.

Beware Of Accounts Like These

The purpose of our post is twofold. First, to let any fans who might have bought into the idea that McDavid has made it known he’s thinking about leaving the Oilers, not to believe it. Second, expect more of this if the Oilers continue to play poorly.

If Edmonton’s losing streak grows, it won’t take long for real questions to surface about changes. Everyone from depth players to skilled forwards, to the coach will be in the rumor mill. It makes sense as the team will be looking for answers. All that said, there is a difference between suggesting or theorizing that McDavid might eventually look to leave as free agent any saying he’s told the team or his teammates that he’s ready to go.

McDavid Isn’t Looking to Leave Edmonton

One thing to note, as is the case with many accounts like this, is that this same account also posted in May of 2021 that if the Oilers lost their playoff series, McDavid had informed general manager Ken Holland that he was going to ask for a trade. They wrote at the time, in what can only be assumed was a supposed quote from McDavid himself: “I told them before, If we lost this series it was gonna be over.” Not only did that not happen, but the account that posted it didn’t even spell Connor McDavid’s name correctly.

They followed up that post suggesting the Chicago Blackhawks had been reaching out in an attempt to make a trade.

Finally, no other legitimate outlet has this news running as an actual story. If there were any truth to it, every outlet covering the league would have picked it up, or at least tried to confirm a source.

This account, by the way, had their original account suspended for posting fake news. Their new handle is almost identical and they’re at it again.

McDavid Rumors Have Persisted Since the Moment He Was Drafted

Like they do with any elite player, there’s going to be a contingent of fans who aren’t in that city looking to stir the pot that star players want out. Even in Edmonton, when things get bad, the most loyal of fans can get themselves fired up. The concern is that McDavid may, one day, want to try his luck somewhere else.

In a hockey-made market like Edmonton, a few losses means the sky is often falling. The glass is half empty folk often jump to the extreme.

McDavid vs Matthews Oilers Maple Leafs

Even when things go well — as it has for the Oilers in recent seasons — these accounts try to rile up the masses. In Toronto, people said Auston Matthews was inevitably headed to Arizona. He’s now signed three deals with the Maple Leafs, the latest one ensuring he’s with the team for five more seasons. This kind of thing is par for the course. Rumors about McDavid wanting out are as old as the day he was drafted — when he was inconveniently caught not smiling when the lottery balls showed the Oilers logo.

Over and over, McDavid has shown his loyalty to the city, the franchise, his teammates and the community. The Ben Stelter Foundation is a big part of McDavid’s legacy in Edmonton, as is winning with the roster he’s worked so hard for years with to get over the hump.

McDavid Wants To Win In Edmonton

McDavid wants to win. Moreover, he wants to win in Edmonton. He’s said so on many occasions. Things aren’t looking good for the Oilers right now. There is all sorts of chatter about what moves the team can make, if any. McDavid won’t be among them and he won’t ask. This is a player who sees himself as part of the solution. He’s not bailing over a 1-5-1 start.

Does that mean he’ll never leave? Of course not. But, will he be looking for an early exit when there’s a speed bump or two? Definitely not.

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