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Elias Pettersson to Blackhawks Rumor Deemed Unlikely at Best

A wild rumor surfaced this week that Elias Pettersson might be looking to jump from the Vancouver Canucks to the Chicago Blackhawks.

In recent speculation sparked by Matt Murley on the Spittin’ Chiclets Rumor Boyz show, a huge rumor was thrown out there that caught a lot of attention among Blackhawks and Canucks fans. Murley, residing in the same area as Elias Pettersson’s birthplace, suggests there has been chatter about the star forward potentially leaving the Vancouver Canucks for the Chicago Blackhawks.

However, many analysts and fans find this rumor highly improbable for several reasons. In fact, no major insider has even addressed the rumor suggesting it’s so outlandish, it’s not worth reporting on.

Pettersson, who had previously said he wanted to wait before committing to the Canucks’ organization long-term, is currently playing for a team leading the Pacific Division and exceeding expectations. The idea of him now leaving a successful team for the rebuilding Blackhawks, who are still years away from playoff contention, seems counterintuitive to his desire to play for a winning team. He made it clear he wants to play for a competitive team. He’s also a restricted free agent, which means the Canucks aren’t simply giving him away if Pettersson ultimately decides he’d rather play elsewhere.

Fans Are All Over This Pettersson Rumor to the Blackhawks

The rumors, labeled as one of the most laughable in recent memory, lacks credibility. While it’s fair to say that Murley likely heard it from somewhere and wasn’t just making up something for the sake a good story, there’s not a lot of logic behind the buzz. In fact, if anything, this would be about Pettersson’s agency trying to create a false sense of demand to up the price on their star client. Even that feels like a stretch.

Elias Pettersson Blackhawks rumor

Pettersson has consistently expressed his ambition to be part of a competitive team, making a move to a struggling franchise like the Blackhawks contrary to his stated preferences. With Connor Bedard, it won’t take long before the Blackhawks start attracting good players, but a top tier stars like Pettersson doesn’t likely flock there next season.

Moreover, the practicality of such a trade is questioned, as the Blackhawks might lack the assets necessary to facilitate a deal. The one thing Chicago could move to land Pettersson is Bedard and that’s not happening.

In the absence of convincing factors and given the success of the Canucks, it remains highly unlikely that Elias Pettersson will make a jump from Vancouver to Chicago, as suggested by the unsubstantiated rumor.

The rumor got even more wild than it already was. It was suggested that William Nylander might join both Bedard and Pettersson in Chicago, effectively stacking that team as a contender for next season.

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