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Elias Pettersson’s Rumored Interest In Blackhawks Gains Attention

While some might have expected the Elias Pettersson to the Blackhawks rumor to be quickly squashed another insider discussed it.

In a recent episode of the Spittin’ Chiclets Rumor Boyz show, Matt Murley ignited a substantial rumor that stirred interest among Chicago Blackhawks and Vancouver Canucks fans. Murley suggested ongoing chatter about the star forward Elias Pettersson potentially leaving the Canucks for the Blackhawks. The idea being that he’d like to play with Connor Bedard. The rumor has attracted a lot of attention.

While numerous analysts and fans almost immediately dismissed this rumor, deeming it highly improbable, one trusted insider didn’t squash the speculation completely. Elliotte Friedman addressed the speculation on the latest 32 Thoughts podcast. He added his perspective to the discussion, acknowledging that Murley is a credible source who receives information from his contacts.

Elias Pettersson Canucks rumors
Elias Pettersson Canucks rumors

While Friedman deems the rumor premature, he emphasizes that Pettersson holds the key to putting an end to the speculation. The Canucks, according to Friedman, seem prepared to offer Pettersson a significant contract when he’s ready, potentially a deal of substantial magnitude. They are just waiting for him to be ready. Speculation that Pettersson is thinking about leaving the team while they are winning and at the top of the Pacific Division doesn’t make much sense. And, depending on what the information was told to Murley, Friedman suggests positions may have changed.

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Pettersson Is On a Team That Is Winning, Just Like He Wanted

Friedman contends that Pettersson may not be actively considering this possibility at the moment, especially with the Canucks performing well and leading their division. He highlights the pressure and attention that comes with being a star player in a market like Vancouver. Noting that fans may jump to why Pettersson hasn’t signed while the Canucks are hot could pose storyline issues no one wants out there right now.

Friedman suggested a resolution of this situation ultimately rests in Pettersson’s hands. The forward could choose to either initiate negotiations or postpone any discussions until the end of the season.

The Pettersson Rumor Could Take on a Life of Its Own

“Maybe Chicago is gonna offer sheet him.” Friedman said. He added, “The other one thing I’ll say about Matt Murley, I listen to Matt Murley’s work. Like he’s, he’s not an idiot. He like, he hears things. I’ve, I’ve seen the stuff that he reports. He gets information. People talk to him.”

Even if there’s not much to this rumor, the fact that there is a way for Chicago to make a pitch and Murley isn’t a clickbait artist means fans will eagerly await more clarity.

Friedman draws a parallel with William Nylander’s commitment to the Toronto Maple Leafs, where Nylander keeps saying he wants to stay, but not everyone is buying it.

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