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Are Draisaitl and McDavid Contract Talks with Oilers Linked or Not?

Are the Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid contract talks with Edmonton Oilers linked or are their decisions mutually exclusive?

Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid‘s futures with the Edmonton Oilers are widely perceived to be intertwined, but this might not be entirely accurate. While many fans and analysts believe that the departure of one would inevitably lead to the other following suit, recent insights suggest a more nuanced situation.

Chris Johnston of The Athletic and TSN, speaking on the SDPN podcast, shed light on the dynamics at play. According to Johnston, Draisaitl’s future with the Oilers is still uncertain, but that doesn’t mean there is cause for alarm when it comes to the German superstar, or his good friend McDavid. He mentioned that Draisaitl might not have decided on his long-term plans, but teams like the Sharks (or most other teams rumored to be waiting for Draisaitl to leave) are not currently on his radar.

McDavid’s Decision Indirectly and Directly Linked to Draisaitl’s

Johnston further clarified that there is no imminent threat of McDavid leaving Edmonton, especially not before Draisaitl makes his decision. McDavid is not legally able to make a decision until next July 1, and his choice will likely be influenced by how Draisaitl’s situation unfolds, but not exclusively.

Leon Draisaitl Connor McDavid Oilers

Johnston highlighted that within the Oilers’ organization, there is some debate over how to handle Draisaitl’s contract. Allowing Draisaitl to approach free agency could complicate McDavid’s decision-making process. What the Oilers don’t want is to walk Draisaitl to his unrestricted status and then have McDavid contemplating his future while Draisaitl potentially pursues other opportunities. If the Oilers can do it, they’d prefer each make their decision in a bubble.

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Despite the close connection between the two players, Johnston believes that McDavid’s decision to stay or leave will ultimately hinge on the team’s overall potential to win. If Draisaitl were to leave, McDavid would evaluate the Oilers’ competitiveness before making his own decision. This suggests that the departure of Draisaitl wouldn’t automatically signal McDavid’s exit.

While the futures of Draisaitl and McDavid with the Oilers are closely linked, it’s not a simple case of one leaving leading to the other’s departure. McDavid’s priority remains the team’s ability to contend for championships, which will be the critical factor in his decision.

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