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Insider Confirms Oilers Have Definite Trade Market for Cody Ceci

One NHL Insider confirms that the Edmonton Oilers have definite trade market for defenseman Cody Ceci. Is now the time?

While appearing with Bob Stauffer of Oilers Now, NHL insider Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff recently discussed the potential trade market for Edmonton Oilers’ defenseman Cody Ceci. With the Oilers facing a salary cap crunch, Seravalli and Stauffer explored what might happen with Ceci, a savvy veteran in the final year of his $3.2 million per year contract. Seravalli believes there is a trade market for the polarizing d-man.

Seravalli asserted:

“I can tell you with 100 percent certainty there is a market for Cody Ceci. Right-shot defensemen in that pay range are always in demand. Just look at the money thrown around this summer. Cody Ceci at that number is probably quite palatable, and likely interesting to some cap-strapped teams. There’s a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ option if Jeff Jackson and the Oilers want it. In the meantime, let’s see what develops.”

Ceci has faced criticism from some Oilers fans, particularly for his performance after the All-Star break when paired with Darnell Nurse. During the 2024 playoffs, Nurse and Ceci were on the ice for six goals for and 14 goals against at even strength, with both players making numerous mistakes. Head coach Kris Knoblauch separated them at one point in an attempt to limit the chances against, but they were put back time and time again, often with varying results.

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However, when Ceci wasn’t paired with Nurse, he played solid hockey. In fact, Ceci was one of the few Oilers to elevate his play in the playoffs compared to the regular season, particularly when paired with Brett Kulak.

This Oilers Blue Line Is Good Enough With Ceci For Now

Despite the criticism, Ceci contributed significantly to a team that came within one game of winning the Stanley Cup. He made some key plays in the playoffs and there are worse options for more money that Edmonton could be stuck with. If the Oilers decide to move on, the question becomes whether to do so now, or wait until the right opportunity comes along without forcing a trade.

While some believe Ceci can still help the Oilers win now, others, noting the recent trade of Ryan McLeod for top prospect Matthew Savoie, wonder what value Ceci could fetch on the trade market. If there’s a good trade out there today the Oilers can make, it’s probably wise to explore those options. If there isn’t, there is no harm in waiting.

The downside of moving Ceci now without a replacement is that Edmonton will rely on players like Troy Stecher, Josh Brown, Connor Carrick, Ben Gleason, and Phil Kemp to fill the gap at right defense. None are exactly studs.

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