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Truth Behind Islanders, Bruins DeBrusk and Pageau Trade Rumors

Hockey insiders clarify that recent trade rumors involving Jake DeBrusk and J.G. Pageau, which got out of hand this week.

Recent trade speculation involving the New York Islanders and Boston Bruins has been addressed by hockey insiders Jimmy Murphy and Stefan Rosner. Murphy clarified that Andrew Fantucchio’s trade proposal, which suggested Jake DeBrusk joining the Islanders and Jean-Gabriel Pageau going to Boston, was merely an idea and not a rumor. Rosner further confirmed that there have been no official reports or trade talks regarding these players between the two teams.

Rosner emphasized that even if there were any truth to the proposed trade, it is unlikely that he would endorse Pageau for DeBrusk, let alone include additional players. He pointed out that the trade idea did not align with his assessment of the players’ values, noting the significance of Pageau’s face-off skills, defensive abilities, and contribution to the penalty kill, which would be lost in such a trade. He writes, “Have to remember what team DeBrusk accomplished that with and their roster compared to Isles. I’m not saying DeBrusk is a bad player, but losing Pageau’s face-off and defensive shutdown ability (while also pot. losing Parise meaning top PK) doesn’t make sense to me in this case.”

While the Bruins may be seeking a center due to uncertainties surrounding Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, it seems unlikely that the Islanders would part with Pageau unless they can acquire a top-tier scorer. Rosner highlighted the disparity in team dynamics, considering DeBrusk’s accomplishments with the Bruins and the difference in roster composition compared to the Islanders.

This Was More a Trade Suggestion Than a Rumor

Rosner clarified that he became aware of the trade speculation through various rumor sites and direct messages. However, he confirmed that the discussion stemmed from a creative piece and had no substantial basis. He reached out to Fantucchio who confirmed it was a creative idea, not a report the two sides were talking about a deal.

Bruins Jake DeBrusk for Islanders JG Pageau trade rumors
Bruins Jake DeBrusk for Islanders JG Pageau trade rumors

For now, the trade proposal between the Islanders and Bruins involving DeBrusk and Pageau remains speculative and has not gained traction. As the offseason progresses, both teams will continue evaluating their respective roster needs and potential trade options.

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