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Trevor Zegras Sends Message to Ducks Amid Contract Extension Delay

Anaheim Ducks’ Zegras anticipates securing contract before training camp, training alongside NHL peers; optimistic for timely resolution.

As the Anaheim Ducks’ forward, Trevor Zegras eagerly anticipates finalizing a new contract before the impending training camp, the dynamic human highlight reel of a player is emphasizing his dedication to remaining absent from Anaheim until the agreement is reached.

Zegras has strategically positioned himself in Stamford, where he actively participates in rigorous training routines and skating drills at Prentiss Hockey Performance, often alongside NHL counterparts like Chris Kreider of the New York Rangers. He notes that he’s got a good set-up and while he’s confident those that will help him take care of his contract situation are doing their best, he’s prepared to stay where he is and not give any leverage to the Ducks if they aren’t willing to eagerly get his situation taken care of.

Trevor Zegras Anaheim Ducks
Trevor Zegras Anaheim Ducks

“Obviously, I’d like to go back there with my teammates, but it’s out of my control.” He added, “I’m well set up here (Stamford, Connecticut) to train and skate. No matter where we are with the contract, I know I’ll be able to prepare properly for the upcoming season.”

Amidst the ongoing negotiations, the 22-year-old exudes optimism but he wants to get his deal done, while the Ducks are working to make sure they get the best deal for the player. Zegras isn’t focused on that part of things, saying, “During the summer months, my focus remains on consistently pursuing my training regimen, and I believe the rest will naturally fall into place.”

Zegras’ Contract Situation Could Potentially Get Complicated

While Zegras may lack the arbitration privileges of his fellow player Troy Terry, who recently secured a lengthy seven-year deal with the team, the fact that Terry’s deal is done and Jamie Drysdale’s isn’t far behind means the Ducks will shift their focus to Zegras. Zegras stated, “I am hopeful that we can reach an agreement in the near future,” underscoring his eagerness to rejoin his California-based teammates and contribute to the team’s endeavors.

As the countdown to the training camp intensifies, Zegras is eagerly awaiting a resolution when it comes to his next deal. He is an integral part of the Ducks’ roster and a huge part of their rebuild. But, if this doesn’t get worked out soon, it sounds like he won’t be in Anaheim to join his teammates for camp.

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