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Was Morgan Rielly’s Response to Greig Good for Hockey Fans?

When Toronto Maple Leafs Morgan Rielly cross-checked Ottawa Senators Ridley Greig, it ignited controversy. Was it good for hockey fans?

In a recent episode of Monday Night Hockey, host David Amber and the panel reviewed the contentious moment from the Toronto Maple Leafs’ game against the Ottawa Senators. The focal point was the Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly‘s reaction to Senators forward Ridly Greig’s empty-net slapshot goal. The panelists (Luke Gazdic, Anson Carter, and Colby Armstrong) debated whether Rielly’s response was appropriate or if it crossed the line.

The Panel Believed the Greig/Rielly Incident Captured Fan Interest

The conversation kicked off with Gazdic weighing in. He acknowledged the unwritten rules of hockey that Greig might have breached. However, he expressed appreciation for Greig’s celebratory slapshot, noting that it injected personality and flair into the game. Yet, he emphasized the importance of understanding the consequences of one’s actions.

The discussion continued as the panelists delved into the changing landscape of hockey. Carter highlighted the shift away from the physicality of past eras. They noted that, while Rielly’s response might have been reminiscent of old-school hockey, the game has evolved. They drew parallels to other sports, where displays of emotion and celebration are embraced rather than penalized.

Amidst the differing opinions, there was consensus on one point. That was that the intensity of the moment had ignited a fiery exchange that had captivated fans. Rielly’s retaliation, while perhaps crossing a line, added fuel to the rivalry. It also sparked fans’ interest in future matchups between the two teams. They agreed that the Battle of Ontario finally meant something.

How Many Games Would Rielly Be Suspended?

As the debate concluded, the panelists speculated on the repercussions Rielly might face. They took turns predicting a suspension that they believed might be levied at around four games. However, regardless of the outcome, the three panelists agreed that the incident didn’t harm the sport – at least insofar as the fans’ interests went.

Morgan Rielly Ridly Greig suspension

Fans await the news of what Rielly will receive as a suspension. His in-person hearing scheduled for today was changed to a video conference meeting due to poor weather that posed for travel issues.

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