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Odd Correlation Between Maple Leafs Penalties and Suspensions

Why is there an odd correlation between the Toronto Maple Leafs number of penalties during the season and the number of players suspended?

Today, The Hockey Writers‘ Andrew Forbes wrote an interesting article fueled by the recent suspension of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Morgan Rielly. Forbes titled the article “Parros Making Example of Maple Leafs as Head of Player Safety.” As Forbes shared his insights, in the aftermath of Rielly’s recent suspension stemming from a cross-check on Ottawa Senators’ Ridly Greig, concerns should be raised about the consistency of George Parros’ rulings as the head of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety (DoPS).

Despite Rielly’s clean disciplinary record in his 769-game NHL career, the decision was made to punish him (and his team) with a five-game suspension. Why Rielly? His action was out of character and critiqued by most fans and hockey analysts; however, given the fact he’s often in the conversation as a Lady Byng candidate, the ruling seems off base. As Forbes sees it, there seems to be a lack of fairness and consistency in the league’s disciplinary actions.

What Has Been George Parros’ Record as the Head of the DoPS?

Under Parros’s tenure as the head of the DoPS since September 2017, the Maple Leafs have found themselves facing more suspensions than any other team in the league. This trend is odd, especially considering the team’s relatively low ranking in terms of penalties the Maple Leafs have been given during actual game action.

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As Forbes reported, according to statistics compiled by Jeff Veillette, the Maple Leafs rank 29th in terms of overall penalty minutes since the 2017-18 season. However, they lead the league in the number of suspensions. The Maple Leafs players have been suspended 10 times occurring during regular season and playoff games.

Morgan Rielly & Ridly Greig suspension

This discrepancy between penalties incurred and suspensions imposed has been inconsistent. In his post, Forbes is questioning the consistency of the DoPS under Parros’s leadership. Despite their relatively disciplined play during games, the Maple Leafs have faced a disproportionate number of suspensions compared to other teams.

The Maple Leafs Record of Penalties This Season

During the current 2023-24 season, the Maple Leafs rank 16th in the league for penalty minutes. And, that even includes Rielly’s recent infraction contributing to the team’s total. For Forbes, Rielly’s five-game suspension is a surprise and underscores what seems like undue scrutiny faced by the Maple Leafs in terms of player safety enforcement.

As the appeal process unfolds for Rielly, the Maple Leafs will continue their season. Fortunately, the team has come together to play well and to cover for their star defenseman. They’ve won three straight games before their game against the St. Louis Blues today. Can they maintain their recent success on the ice?

Forbes’ research leaves Maple Leafs fans with a huge question. Given the lower number of penalties taken by the Toronto team, why the high number of player suspensions? It just doesn’t seem to make logical sense.

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  1. Joseph Parrote

    February 19, 2024 at 8:46 pm

    Parros has an axe to grind — Colton Orr

  2. Samuel Rosati

    February 21, 2024 at 8:17 pm

    fun how people don’t actually do there homework. Mr Forbes sure has not done his as the Leafs do not lead the league in most suspension in both Regular season and Playoffs. That actually goes the Washington Capitals at 13 total Suspension. Make sure you check your notes before writing your article next time Mr. Forbes.

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