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NHLPA Considers Corey Perry Grievance Even If Player Declines

NHLPA debates contesting Corey Perry’s termination, fearing it may set a precedent; alternative is a unique carve-out.

As part of Elliotte Friedman’s 32 Thoughts column on Thursday, the NHL insider is reporting that the NHLPA is still looking into the situation surrounding Corey Perry’s contract termination out of Chicago. There has been little in the way of developments since he was released by the team, but the NHLPA wants to argue against his departure. In fact, they want to do so, even if Perry isn’t on board.

So far, Perry, at least that we know, has not approved a grievance filing. Friedman reports the NHLPA is thinking about filing anyways. That would be unprecedented territory and a very big deal within the association as they are supposed to work with and for the player, not against their wishes.

Corey Perry Blackhawks rumors

Friedman cited the previously considered challenge on Patrik Berglund’s contract termination by Buffalo in 2018. They ultimately never pushed forward because the player chose not to be involved. Yet, while Perry’s decision remains uncertain, there is a growing push within the union to file a grievance even if Perry opts not to. Friedman suggests there is a prevailing sentiment that the NHLPA must resist setting a precedent in this matter.

Is There Another Way to Fight For Perry?

Alternatively, another approach could involve a one-time “carve-out” stipulating that Perry’s case and the reasons for his termination would not set a precedent for any other situations. In other words, the NHLPA and the NHL would work together and call his an extenuating circumstance.

This has occurred in the past with matters such as contract timelines during COVID and regulations for summer on-ice workouts. However, implementing such a carve-out in Perry’s case would entail much higher stakes, contingent upon the league’s agreement, says Friedman.

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