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Maple Leafs Coming to Stark Realization About Chris Tanev Trade

It’s becoming clear to the Toronto Maple Leafs that a Chris Tanev trade is going to be difficult to make and comes with serious concerns.

The reality of the situation surrounding Chris Tanev and a possible trade to bring him to Toronto is reportedly starting to set in for the Maple Leafs. It sounds like they are finding out that they’re either going to have to overpay for the defenseman, or they aren’t going to land him. This is according to The Athletic’s Jonas Siegel who writes that Toronto might have to go in another direction.

Suggesting there are issues with the assets required to make the trade, the lack of contract certainty on an extension, the defenseman’s age and injury history, and the demand for the player, a lot is standing in the way for GM Brad Treliving to bring in a player he likes and had in Calgary.

Is Tanev Worth a First-Round Pick?

The scribe notes that Toronto is weighing the decision to pony up and give a first-round pick for Tanev. If they are the first team to offer, they’ll probably get the player. But, that’s a big ask and the Leafs would probably only have to pay it because they don’t have a second-round pick to give instead.

Chris Tanev Maple Leafs trade talk

Siegel adds:

With no second-rounders available for the foreseeable future, that package would have to be something like two-thirds (2024, 2025, say) and maybe a prospect. The Flames can do better than that. Defenders like Tanev tend to be popular at the trade deadline. 

If the Leafs want him, they’ll have to pay to get him and then there’s concern that they’ll be overpaying for an aging defenseman who might want one more lucrative contract — which he’ll get from someone. If it’s the Maple Leafs who pay him, is that wise considering his injury history and the potential for regression as he gets older? So too, can they go out and land another defenseman to play on their roster if they’re paying Tanev around what TJ Brodie makes?

Can The Leafs Add Everything They Need… and Tanev?

The Leafs might want to bring Tanev in, but they need to reshape the rest of their blue line at the same time. By no means is this group a finished product.

Siegel adds:

Right now, only Morgan RiellyJake McCabe and Conor Timmins are under contract. (At this point, Timmins can’t be pencilled definitively into any plans.) Timothy Liljegren and Simon Benoit are restricted free agents. In short, the Leafs are still going to need one and maybe even two top-four defenders still. 

Where will Toronto find another D-man if they spend heavily on Tanev? Siegel suggests the free-agent crop isn’t rich, and those who are available will be scooped up rather quickly.

Needless to say, this won’t be an easy decision. The Maple Leafs are in a tough spot where they want the player, will have to bid against others to acquire him (which means overpaying) and they don’t know what the future holds, so giving him a lucrative extension is risky. This might be a player Toronto has to bow out on. And, even if they think about pitching for him in free agency, they’re looking at competing with other teams who have money to spend as the salary cap jumps.

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  1. TAV

    February 5, 2024 at 10:55 am

    Tanev will be one of the interesting gets at the TDL. How much and does he justify it in the end will be found out after. Have to roll the dice and some team will.

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