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Can Oilers Extend their Winning Streak Against Golden Knights?

Tuesday will be a big test for the Edmonton Oilers. Will they be able to extend their winning streak against the Vegas Golden Knights?

This week, with the All-Star Break ended, the Edmonton Oilers are hoping to extend their historic winning streak. Can they do it? After a pause in their momentum and up against arguably one of their toughest opponents to date, it will be a challenge. The streak is on the line as the Oilers take on the Vegas Golden Knights.

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The Oilers Are on the Cusp of History

The Oilers are on the cusp of making NHL history, poised to break the NHL record for the longest win streak set by the 1992-93 Penguins. With a current record of 29-15-1 and a remarkable +34 goal differential, the Oilers enter a record-breaking week with the possibility that they can extend their current 16-game winning streak. Can they do it?

The challenge is going to be a tough one. The Oilers need to beat the Golden Knights on Tuesday to tie the record. If they can do that, they will then have a chance to make history against the Anaheim Ducks on Friday. Although the task ahead is not an easy one, the Oilers’ recent play suggests that a win would be no surprise. Who’s to say this record – and more, perhaps – is not within their reach?

Will the All-Star Break Halt the Oilers’ Momentum?

One factor to consider is the All-Star Break was a break in the action. But, was it also a break in the Oilers’ momentum? Perhaps the idea of momentum is overrated; however, it does exist. The Oilers had been riding the wave of success over the past month. And, for a few days, the wind stopped blowing.

Edmonton Oilers vs Golden Knights

It will be interesting to see if the break negatively affects their play. Will the streak come to an end on Tuesday against the well-rested Golden Knights?

Speaking of the Golden Knights, will that team have a chip on its shoulder? While Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl were dancing around during the All-Star festivities, not a single Vegas player was named to the All-Star game. That, in itself, might be a huge motivation for that team to show up strong.

The Oilers Have the Team to Extend the Streak

Going on a winning streak this long is interesting. When there is a winning streak, I would think that a team has to win games it likely shouldn’t have – luck being sporadic. At the same time, during a losing streak, a team would likely lose games they should have won. Again, luck is involved.

Stuart Skinner Ryan McLeod stars as Oilers beat Maple Leafs

There are huge challenges that attend going on a long winning streak. Still, there’s something undeniably motivating for the Oilers and exciting for their fans, It would be great to be a part of witnessing a record being broken. As well, because of the parity in the NHL today, few weaker teams exist that are quite easy to beat. As a result, long winning streaks can be more difficult.

If the Oilers manage to pull it off, there should be no excuses by any other teams. It would be a singularly great accomplishment that would stand as a testament to the team’s skill and success in a highly competitive league.

Golden Knights a Test of Oilers Streak

Tuesday’s showdown against the Golden Knights is a hard test. If the Oilers can win that game and then beat the Ducks, they will have done something big. They will also pass the legendary Penguins of 1992-93 – more than 30 years ago. It isn’t the Stanley Cup, but it is something magical.

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