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Jacob Markstrom’s Future with Flames Reduced to, ‘I Don’t Know’

Jacob Markstrom wasn’t about to declare his future speaking to the media this week, saying ‘I don’t know’ where I’ll play next season.

When asked about his future with the Calgary Flames, goaltender Jacob Markstrom says “I don’t know.” It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Markstrom wasn’t keen to commit to anything given the way trade talk surrounded the veteran at this past deadline. But, his comments that he’s looking to win hockey games certainly suggest the Flames will have to convince him they can, or ship him out.

“I love winning hockey games. That’s the competitive side of me,” Markstrom noted. He added that he’s had a conversation with GM Craig Conroy and will leave it at that.

There was a ton of chatter around the deadline that a deal with the New Jersey Devils had been all but finalized. Markstrom was reportedly approached about waiving his no-trade to join New Jersey, he approved the deal and his mindset was that he’d be heading there to finish out this season. In the final hour, things fell apart. It’s not clear why or who caused the deal to die, but the buzz is that didn’t sit well with Markstrom.

For some, that kind of situation could be water under the bridge. For Markstrom, that might not be the case. Many of his best friends were traded by the Flames and he was set to start fresh somewhere else. Then, the trade was pulled out, leaving him in an awkward spot because word had leaked he was willing to leave Calgary. Understandably, Markstrom didn’t want fans to think he’d given up on the hockey club.

Jacob Markstrom Flames trade rumors

Is This Really About Winning?

For Markstrom, the easiest thing to do is phrase this trade talk about wanting to win. He likely does, but that’s the easiest way to form a narrative around getting out of Calgary without Calgarians turning on him. Remember, this is the same player who had other options before he signed his multi-year deal with the Flames, including going to Edmonton where the Oilers offered him a solid contract. At the time, Connor McDavid was just hitting his prime and Markstrom said no.

Has this relationship between Markstom and the Flames been soured? Flames general manager Craig Conroy was noncommittal when asked about the netminder’s future and what the 2024-25 roster might look like. He noted, “time will tell with everything we’re doing.”

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