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Fans Bash Golden Knights’ Predictable News on Mark Stone Injury

The Vegas Golden Knights have announced Mark Stone has been cleared to return to practice after injury. Not surprisingly, fans have reacted.

The Vegas Golden Knights offered an injury update on Mark Stone on Friday, predictably sharing that he’s been cleared to practice and will join the team in a non-contact jersey. As expected, fans were quick to react to the post, noting that Stone is getting healthy just in time for the playoffs.

Fans who watch the NHL know about the polarizing issue that is LTIR. Teams have taken to placing players on LTIR and then making them available just in time for the postseason where the cap hit doesn’t matter. The Golden Knights more than any other team in the league, have used this rule to their advantage, spending big at several consecutive trade deadlines and making big names available with no cap repercussions. Specifically, Stone will now be back for two straight years, essentially for free, but with a cap hit that won’t count. He makes $9.5 million per season.

Some fans posted on the post from the Golden Knights. “Just in time for the playoffs!?!? What fortunate timing,” wrote one user. Another wrote, “The House really does always win I guess.”

Accusations of exploiting the LTIR system are not centered on faking or greatly exaggerating injuries. The bigger issue is that players might be medically ready to compete in the final regular-season game yet their teams keep them out just long enough to not have their cap hits count.

Mark Stone Golden Knights injury update

Stone Being Out Has Affected the Golden Knights

Stone has missed a ton of time this season due to a lacerated spleen. Noting that is important because discounting the severity of his injury is the wrong thing to do. After all, the Golden Knights have lost a few key games down the stretch this season and if they get into the playoffs, will scrape in, likely as the second wild card team in the Western Conference. Not having Stone would be one of the reasons the team has struggled, going 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. They have yet to clinch a playoff spot with only four games remaining.

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