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Flyers and NHL Pursue Contract “Tolling” for Goalie Ivan Fedotov

The NHL and Philadelphia Flyers seek to “toll” Ivan Fedotov’s contract due to his absence during military service in Russia.

The NHL and the Philadelphia Flyers are pursuing a unique sports legal tactic to handle goaltender Ivan Fedotov’s contract situation. As per TSN’s Darren Dreger, they have jointly requested the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) to “toll” his contract, effectively suspending it due to his absence from the past season while fulfilling military service in Russia.

Dreger writes, “The NHL and Philadelphia Flyers submit Ivan Fedotov’s contract should be tolled based on missing last season due to military service in Russia. The IIHF is now considering the submission.” He adds, “To be clear, if the NHL prevails then Ivan will play in the NHL for the Flyers.”

This move is an attempt to extend the one-year contract he signed in May 2022, arguing that it should not be considered expired until the following July, as he was unable to fulfill the agreement.

JP Barry from CAA Sports confirmed that he had spoken with Fedotov and that the goaltender is willing to abide by the IIHF’s ruling on the validity of the two contracts. He noted, “We spoke to Ivan today and his position is that he will abide by the ruling of the IIHF regarding which contract (Flyers or CSKA) is currently valid and binding. He simply wants to resume his career as soon as possible.”

Fedotov’s Pro Hockey Journey Has Been Wild

Fedotov’s journey has been a rollercoaster, starting with an arrest for alleged evasion of military service in Russia just two months after signing with the Flyers, he was forced into a year of military service. The Flyers announced a one-year deal for the upcoming season, but the KHL recognized a two-year contract with CSKA, adding complexity to the situation.

He spoke of his military service and noted, “All citizens liable for military service in the country must repay their debt to their homeland.” According to a translation of Russian station Match TV’s transcript, he added, “You can argue for a long time, but the law is the law. It must be observed. Everyone, in one way or another, repays the debt to the motherland.”

The IIHF is currently evaluating the submission, and the outcome of this dispute will significantly impact Fedotov’s future in professional hockey. This saga reflects the intricacies and legal nuances involved in player contract negotiations and could set a precedent for similar cases in the future. As the hockey world awaits the IIHF’s decision, the Flyers, the NHL, and Fedotov’s camp are bracing for potential changes in his contractual status.

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