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Bruins Coach Tempering Trade Rumors with Pavel Zacha Praise

Boston Bruins’ coach Montgomery praises current centers, focusing on Pavel Zacha’s mental readiness for pivotal roles.

Boston Bruins’ head coach, Jim Montgomery, appears to be making a concerted effort to temper the ongoing chatter regarding the team’s potential center ice upgrades. Whether it stems from his belief in the existing roster or a pragmatic perspective on acquiring players like Elias Lindholm or Mark Scheifele, Montgomery is amplifying his current centers’ capabilities, positioning them as linchpins for the team’s success.

Montgomery’s confidence in Pavel Zacha is particularly evident, given Zacha’s remarkable performance in the previous season, boasting career-high statistics in goals (21), assists (36), and a robust +/- rating of plus 26.

Pavel Zacha Boston Bruins

Discussing Zacha’s potential, Montgomery asserted, “I think [Zacha’s ceiling] is significantly higher.” He emphasized that Zacha isn’t just physically prepared but more importantly, mentally equipped to take on a pivotal role, including increased ice time and responsibilities in various game situations. Montgomery commended Zacha’s adeptness at handling such demands during the prior season and anticipates even more vital contributions this time around.

The coach underscored the significance of Zacha’s self-assurance, noting that a player’s belief in their capabilities is a pivotal stride. Alongside Zacha, Montgomery places faith in Charlie Coyle’s ability to deliver and excel in the crucial center role.

Montgomery Doesn’t Expect Any Big Moves By Bruins

Asserting his conviction in the current roster, Montgomery stated, “In my mind, this is our team.” He revealed that the decision to consider the existing team makeup as the core unit was reinforced by the team’s approach since mid-June.

While the trade winds and transfer rumors continue to circulate, Coach Montgomery’s steadfast support for his current centers underlines his commitment to fostering a cohesive and successful team dynamic, while at the same time likely quieting rumors of a big deal to land a No. 1 center.

As the forthcoming season beckons, Bruins fans will be eager to find out if the coach is right and if Zacha and Coyle are enough. Can they rise to the occasion and lead the team to anything close to the success they achieved last season?

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