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Truth Behind the Alleged Kane and Oilers’ Dressing Room Turmoil

Thanks to a report based on comments from a recent podcast, Evander Kane may have issues in the Oilers’ dressing room. Here’s what we know.

It appears both Evander Kane‘s past and the fact he’s a competitive athlete have caught up to him in Edmonton. In a recent article, it was suggested there might be a rift between Kane and the rest of the Edmonton Oilers roster. A line from the post read, “more issues than what the public has picked up on, as well, as one of the team’s biggest insiders is now reporting that a rift is growing within the dressing room.”

It’s unfortunate if true. But, from the information I’ve gathered, the idea of a dressing room rift is nowhere near remotely accurate.

Evander Kane Leon Draisaitl Oilers rumors

Here’s what we know. Oilers’ analyst Rob Brown did comment on a verbal exchange between Kane and Leon Draisaitl on an episode of the Got Yer’ Back podcast. With that in mind, it’s important to distinguish the difference between an exchange and a problem. Brown didn’t say this exchange was more than a moment or that Kane’s behavior was an ongoing issue. He simply pointed out a moment during a game, something that happens often.

The former NHLer also addressed Kane’s public complaints about ice time. Those are true. Kane has not been thrilled when slotted lower in the lineup. But, Brown didn’t suggest Kane was pouting to his head coach about assignments he was given.

Brown did say, “…some frustration and some negativity has crept in.” However, he followed it up by talking about how the team was underperforming. That would make any competitive person negative and frustrated. That appeared to be more of a general statement about the team, and not just one player.

Is There An Issue With Evander Kane and the Oilers?

So, why is it so easy to believe Kane is causing a problem in the Oilers dressing room? Well, because it’s Evander Kane. Despite all the good he’s done in Edmonton since his arrival, the easy thing to do is look at his history to predict his future, fair or not. No doubt, he’s got a history. He made some mistakes. Still, the accuracy behind those reports should be questioned. There’s a lot there we don’t know.

Digging into the matter more, we’ve learned the insinuation of any current “rift” was Brown’s comments being taken out of context. Is Kane less than thrilled to be on the third line? Probably. Is he causing issues in the locker room that should pose concerns moving forward? Highly unlikely.

The best I can divulge from a recent conversation with someone who can be trusted is that Brown’s comments were not meant to suggest a behind-the-scenes problem. Like any team that wants to win, when losses pile up, players get irked. Even Draisaitl, with whom it was rumored there was an issue, is known to get upset and show poor body language when things don’t go his way. He’s the first to admit it and Draisaitl has publicly stated he’s working on it.

Leon Draisaitl Edmonton Oilers

At the end of the day, these are players that want to excel. For Kane, he wants to be part of the solution. When he’s not being used in a manner he believes he’s best suited, he may say so. There’s nothing wrong with that unless it carries over into practices, team meetings, and the like, which there’s no evidence it has.

On-Ice Chemistry Is Not the Same As Off-Ice Chemistry

During the podcast, it was mentioned that Draisaitl and Kane haven’t found chemistry and aren’t being played together. That’s a fair point. Still, the assumption from fans who read that post these two have an off-ice beef is a stretch. Since Kane’s arrival, nothing negative has been mentioned about him by anyone on the Oilers roster or the staff. In fact, it’s been the opposite. Most I’ve talked to have spoken glowingly about his attitude and work in the community.

Does the style of individual players always mesh? No. Just look at how hard it is for some to play with the likes of Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby. Two of the best players in the world have a rep for being tricky to play with unless something clicks and their wingers find the secret formula.

Unfortunately, Kane doesn’t get the same leash as others might. He’s departed other franchises under unfortunate circumstances and that sort of thing tends to follow you around… until it doesn’t.

What might be important to remember is that Kane is fiery, competitive, intense, and emotional. All the attributes that make him the kind of player you want on a contending roster. You can’t ask a person like that to be an angel 100 percent of the time, even with his teammates or when he speaks to the media. It’s these attributes that Oilers fans love about him and why he’s such a useful player in the post-season.

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1 Comment

  1. Greywolf

    February 28, 2024 at 5:32 pm

    It is too bad when people who are not part of the team start to report on the teams activities inside the room. If you don’t know for sure, shut up please. It is hard enough to maintain team spirit without interference from outside.

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