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A Dream Come True: PWHL Keeps Breaking Attendance Records

In under two months, the PWHL has broken attendance records in women’s professional sports, leaving hope for young girls everywhere.

In a real story about how dreams can become reality, the PWHL has broken four attendance records. Women — both the athletes in the league and those who watch — haven’t stopped smiling, walking around with heads up high. Hockey fans are talking about how popular the league has become, and the PWHL is thrilled.

With 2.9 million viewers on Canadian broadcasts during the inaugural game, the PWHL continues to make noise. This week, in a historic moment, the game at Scotiabank Arena not only marked a significant milestone but also shattered attendance records for women’s hockey. A record-breaking crowd of 19,285 spectators witnessed the game, surpassing the previous milestone of 18,013 set during Canada’s matchup against Finland at the 2013 Women’s World Championship in Ottawa. Yes, almost 20,000 were in attendance during the PWHL Battle of Bay Street.

Almost two decades of failed attempts have led to the creation of the PWHL. But it’s taken just six weeks to create an unfathomable amount of hope for women’s hockey everywhere. 

In less than two months the PWHL has broken four records, three of their own they set.. and shattered. In the PWHL’s second ever game, Ottawa versus Montreal saw 8,318 people in attendance which set a new record for highest attended game in professional women’s hockey. January 6th Montreal at Minnesota saw 13,316 people in attendance, breaking a record they set four days prior. January 27, Montreal at Toronto saw 8,646 people, breaking the Canadian record. That was previously set on January 2nd. 

Flash Forward to February 16th, PWHL Battle of Bay Street. 19,285 people attended that game. The most attended women’s hockey game ever. They more than doubled their own record set on January 6th and before the PWHL, the most attended women’s professional hockey game was 7,765 people in Sweden. This recent milestone was almost two and a half times the number of people who attended the February 16th PWHL game. 

PWHL Has Created Hope For Girls All Around the Globe

The 2013 women’s world championship preliminary round saw 18,013 people in attendance for a Canada versus Finland game in Ottawa. 1,272 more people attended the PWHL Battle of Bay Street. This record was set by a professional league, not a tournament; an astonishing feat. Four leagues have tried and failed to create professional women’s hockey. Nothing ever has come close to what the PWHL has accomplished. Still, those failed leagues created a roadmap for the PWHL. Without those who tried none of this would be possible.

Crowds louder than the NHL, tears shed of pure happiness, and dreams that once seemed impossible are now a reality. 

PWHL inaugural puck drop

All these records have been crushed in less than two months. Almost two decades of failed leagues have culminated for this moment. Girls all around the world are seeing this and will know that there is hope; there is something to aim for. No longer will girls have their dreams of playing professional hockey crushed before the age of 12. Finally, girls will have something to dream about and an end goal that is real.

2024 is the year of women’s sports, and it’s only going up from here. 

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