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Philadelphia Flyers Pick Matvei Michkov No. 7 in 2023 NHL Draft

Matvei Michkov, a highly skilled Russian prospect, captivates with his offensive abilities and creative playmaking.

With the No. 7 overall selection in the 2023 NHL Draft, the Philadelphia Flyers took Matvei Michkov. According to reports, the Flyers did their due diligence on the player and talked to other teams. Frank Seravalli noted: “Flyers did their calculus, as they called around to teams to gauge price to move up, was that Michkov would be available to them with their pick.”

Michkov was the one prospect who was garnering significant attention. Dubbed one of the most intriguing talents in this year’s draft class, Michkov’s potential has drawn comparisons to Russian greats like Andrei Vasilevskiy and Alex Ovechkin. With his exceptional offensive skills and creative playmaking abilities, Michkov is making waves in the scouting community. However, his draft positioning became a topic of speculation due to his Russian status and current contract commitments.

Michkov’s Impressive Performance and Comparisons

Playing for HK Sochi in the KHL during the 2022-23 season, Michkov showcased his scoring prowess by notching nine goals, 20 points, and a staggering 97 shots in just 27 games. Comparisons have even been drawn to Ovechkin, with Michkov posting similar point totals in a slightly different amount of games. These statistics highlight his exceptional offensive capabilities, placing him in direct competition with presumptive top pick Connor Bedard in the 2023 draft.

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What sets Michkov apart is his exceptional puck skills and hockey IQ. His creativity on the ice allows him to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates in various situations. With incredible stickhandling abilities, Michkov can maneuver out of tight spots effortlessly, often leaving defenders in awe. His anticipation of plays, combined with his precise passing and wicked shot, make him a formidable force in the offensive zone.

Flyers Matvei Michkov NHL 2023 Draft
Flyers Matvei Michkov NHL 2023 Draft

Beyond his dazzling moves and offensive flair, Michkov is known for his confidence and willingness to take risks. His ability to execute these high-risk plays successfully adds to his entertainment value, making him a potential fan favorite. However, it’s important to note that Michkov’s game is not solely based on style; his consistent production validates his skills and approach.

Michkov Could Be The Steal of the 2023 NHL Draft

Some draft boards had the player falling as low as No. 14. He didn’t fall that much at all following a number of interviews with different NHL clubs. He has exceptional shooting and playmaking abilities and while his shot might not be on the level of Connor Bedard, it’s not far behind. Additionally, his vision on the ice allows him to make pinpoint passes and exploit open seams. Michkov’s ability to read the game at an elevated level, combined with his physical attributes, enables him to execute his strategies effectively.

The Flyers decided all the risk is potentially worth the reward. With his exceptional offensive skills, creativity, and confidence on the ice, he presented a tantalizing prospect that was hard to pass up.

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