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Zach Hyman’s Tenacity: A Key Factor in the Oilers Success

Zach Hyman and his constant tenacity has become a major part in Edmonton’s Success. How has his play revived the Edmonton Oilers?

Zach Hyman’s consistency is a key element in the Edmonton Oilers offensive system. Officially a 40-goal scorer for the first time in his NHL career, Hyman is one of the few players who, no matter what is happening, will play his best in every game. Despite an abysmal start to the season for the team, Hyman, day after day, showed up. He was one of a few Oilers to place the entire roster on his shoulders and played the best hockey of his career. He continues to do so.

From being a player Toronto didn’t want to pay to a force to be reckoned with, his tenacity and vigor are a necessity for the Oilers. Especially if they see themselves as more than a team that is merely Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

Some criticized the Oilers after the former Toronto Maple Leaf was signed to a big free-agent deal. Now, he is being named as one of the greatest free agent signings in recent memory by fans. His time in Toronto would be defined as Hyman being a slightly above-average player, but a fan favorite. Through his six seasons spent there, he averaged around 14 goals, 16 assists, and 30 points per season. In contrast, Hyman has gotten better every season in Edmonton. Now in his third season, he is a 40-goal scorer in only 57 games. Add in 19 assists, and Hyman has been nothing short of sensational. 

How Has Hyman’s Play Revived the Oilers?

Before Hyman was an Oiler, Edmonton lacked players with consistent tenacity. Furthermore, they lacked a player who would get into the dirty areas and win battles. Subsequently, the Oilers were swept in the first round of the 2020–21 campaign. On the other hand, in Hyman’s first season with the Oilers in 2021–22, the team found themselves in the Western Conference Final for the first time since 2006. Edmonton benefited tremendously from Hyman’s consistent tenacity and he quickly became a staple player for the Oilers. 

Edmonton Oilers Zach Hyman

In the NHL, teams whose identity is made up of tenacity, heart, and consistency typically find themselves in deep playoff runs. Acquiring Hyman and his ideology around hockey has pushed the Oilers into becoming one of the Cup favorites every season since he joined. Additionally, his good-natured attitude has captured the hearts of fans and teammates alike. His determination has rubbed off on the entire roster, making tenacity a key factor in the Oilers’ success. As a result, the Oilers have the most comeback wins this season; a true sign that the team is fueled with persistence.

Hyman is not only the lead goal scorer for the Oilers this season, but his determination and refusal to give up gave the Oilers hope, especially after a 2-7-1 record throughout the first ten games. Hyman placed the team on his back and did not let this team give up. They could have folded, but they kept working. From being booed off the ice in their own building, to having the second-longest win streak in NHL history it’s been quite the season so far. The Oilers’ revival is in large part thanks to Hyman. A player who never gave up, neither did his team.

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