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Stars Get Good and Bad News Related to LTIR Cap Space

The Dallas Stars have $9.85 million on LTIR now, why can’t they use it?

The Dallas Stars made their intentions this season known when they acquired defenseman Chris Tanev in a three-team deal between them, the Calgary Flames, and the New Jersey Devils. Their trade deadline goals will likely be to improve their roster and continue to prove themselves as worthy contenders for the Stanley Cup this season. They have an incredible roster of players ready to take into the postseason, but there is one small issue — LTIR cap space.

In past seasons, teams have utilized the cap space they receive from players being placed on Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR). Similar to what the Vegas Golden Knights have done before and will do this season, teams can go over the cap and bring players back for the playoffs. When a player goes on LTIR, teams can use their cap space on other players for the remainder of the regular season, and activate the player for playoffs, since the salary cap doesn’t exist in the postseason. We are seeing a prime example of this with the Golden Knights this season who have placed Mark Stone on LTIR, who isn’t expected to return until Game 1.

Why Can’t The Stars Do The Same Thing With LTIR Cap Space?

The Stars have two players on LTIR right now. Those players are Evgenii Dadonov, who isn’t expected to return this season and frees up $2.25 million, and Tyler Seguin, who would free up $9.85 million for the Stars. While it’s great both players will be back and a go for the postseason, unfortunately, they aren’t allowed to use that money to bring anyone in. The Stars have already announced Seguin will return before the playoffs, meaning the Stars would be over the cap ceiling if they decided to use it.

Tyler Seguin Dallas Stars

The Stars should still be able to make some moves at the deadline and improve their roster. That’s even if they have less available than a team like Vegas. They’ll just have to be smarter about how they spend, something they’ve already proven they’re adept at. Getting Chris Tanev at a 75% reduced salary without giving up a first-rounder was a solid move.

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