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Edmonton Oilers

Oilers Hit Hurdle While Pushing Hard for Trade Deadline Forwards

The Edmonton Oilers are looking at the same trade deadline forwards as another team, which poses a problem thanks to the salary cap.

As the NHL Trade Deadline approaches, the Edmonton Oilers and Vegas Golden Knights have emerged as aggressive contenders pursuing the same forwards. A report from Darren Dreger in a recent TSN Insider Trading segment suggests both teams have their sights set on Tyler Toffoli, Pavel Buchnevich, and Jordan Eberle. All have been targeted to bolster the top six of their respective lineups.

Dreger highlights that the urgency for these acquisitions stems from the Golden Knights’ announcement that Mark Stone will be sidelined for the remainder of the regular season and potentially the playoffs. This situation prompts the Golden Knights to leverage Stone’s cap space in pursuit of impactful additions. “You can be certain Kelly McCrimmon will utilize his cap space,” Dreger said.

For the Oilers, the challenge lies in navigating their limited financial resources and carefully utilizing their assets. General Manager Ken Holland faces the constraint of adhering to a money-in, money-out approach, requiring prudent decisions to maintain financial stability.

Golden Knights Oilers deadline
Golden Knights Oilers deadline

The revelation that both teams are eyeing the same pool of high-caliber players adds a layer of complexity to the trade landscape. While the desire to enhance their rosters is not surprising, the specificity of the targeted players and the potential overlap between the Oilers and Golden Knights create a unique scenario.

Vegas Poses a Hurdle for the Oilers’ Deadline Plans

Vegas, with newfound cap space due to Stone’s long-term injury reserve status, holds a strategic advantage over Edmonton in pursuing these forwards. Unlike the Golden Knights, the Oilers must weigh their financial limitations and consider potential player movements before pulling the trigger on a big trade. Holland faces the challenge of adhering to salary cap constraints while competing for sought-after assets in a competitive trade market.

The impending risk for the Oilers is the potential escalation of a bidding war with the Golden Knights for the same player. In such a scenario, the selling team gains leverage by playing the two teams against each other, potentially resulting in an overpayment or unfavorable terms for the Oilers.

As the trade deadline draws near, the Oilers and Golden Knights may wind up competing over the same names. The Oilers’ chances of winning that battle are not strong. The only hope Edmonton will have is that the Golden Knights make a quick trade. If they get who they need, it might leave the door open for the Oilers to go after someone else.

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