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Patrick Kane Reportedly Eyeing DeBrincat Reunion w/ Red Wings

One journalist is reporting that Patrick Kane would like to follow Alex DeBrincat to the Red Wings, a move that would rile up both fan bases.

A recent report by seasoned Blackhawks’ journalist John Dietz has sent shockwaves through the hockey world this weekend. A 25-year veteran of The Daily Herald, Dietz suggests that there is a possibility of former Chicago Blackhawks icon Patrick Kane donning the Detroit Red Wings jersey in the near future. The reporter specifically suggests this is what Kane wants so he can play alongside former teammate Alex DeBrincat.

While some question the report’s credibility, Dietz’s track record adds an air of legitimacy to the rumor and if nothing else, the story has picked up steam with nearly 300K views on Twitter.

Dietz tweeted:

“Watch for Patrick Kane to sign with the Detroit Red Wings. Someone who knows Kane very well said Kane told him he wanted to follow Alex DeBrincat if/when he was able. Of course there has to be mutual interest, so we’ll see if Detroit extends an olive branch …

Kane, who spent a significant portion of his illustrious 16-season career with the Blackhawks, was recently acquired by the New York Rangers and tried to make a run with the team before becoming an unrestricted free agent. It’s not clear where he’ll land as he recovers from off-season surgery, and a number of teams have been mentioned in connection to the winger.

However, if he is indeed contemplating a move to Detroit, it would reignite the fiery rivalry between the Red Wings and the Blackhawks. For many of Chicago’s faithful, it would be seen as a betrayal of the highest order. Ironically, Red Wings fans, who once viewed Kane with great vitriol, might soon find themselves cheering for his goals.

The Red Wings aren’t expected to be contenders this season, so that may pour a bit of a cold shower on the report. But, if Kane is still some time away from an NHL return and the Red Wings surprise a few people with their results, perhaps there’s something to this, especially if a reunion with DeBrincat is the motivating factor behind Kane’s decision.

So too, a few other teams Kane has been linked to in rumors have the cap space to add him if he wants anything more than the league minimum. The Red Wings are not necessarily restricted by what they can pay him on a one-year deal.

And, if we really want to go back a few years, Kane has a history with Michigan, where he played youth hockey, and he spoke fondly of his time in the state in a 2015 interview with USA Hockey magazine.

How Would the Respective Fan Bases React to This?

For Blackhawks fans, this potential move would be akin to a franchise icon aligning himself with their arch-nemesis and it would be hard to see him in a Red Wings uniform.

On the flip side, Red Wings fans have a long history of animosity towards Kane and many would have a hard time believing that team would even want to cross that line.

But, as the rivalry has died down over the past few seasons and Kane is not the player he once was, perhaps a move like this isn’t as outrageous as it sounds when first hearing about it.

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