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Oilers’ Journalist Accuses Evander Kane of Unnecessary Drama

One Edmonton-based journalist is accusing Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane of bringing needless drama to the locker room.

Perhaps drama is unavoidable when it comes to the Edmonton Oilers when the fan base is as passionate as the fan base is. Or, the latest issue could be a notoriously dramatic member of the media weaving more storylines for the sake of attention. Either way, Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, who is known for phrasing questions in a way to stir up the players, is accusing Oilers forward Evander Kane of bringing needless drama to the team at the most inopportune time.

The following video comes 48 hours after Kane revealed to the media that he was dealing with a sports hernia and less than 24 hours after he took part in Game 1 versus the Los Angeles Kings where Kane played well in a 7-4 win for the Oilers but didn’t score any points.

Suggesting that Kane should have kept his sports hernia injury quiet and that there was no need to bring it up unprompted, Spector says, “As has been the case all of Kane’s career, too much drama boys. Too much drama around Evander Kane. Unless drama.” He adds that Kane should say what every other player says and just say he’s a bit banged up and will do his best to be ready. Spector said it was too much needless drama that the locker room doesn’t need as the playoffs are getting underway. “He doesn’t run his course as a player. He runs his course as a bringer of drama,” Spector said.

Essentially, Spector is suggesting that Kane has made the story all about himself and come up with excuses about where he’s been, why he’s been less productive, how it might affect him moving forward, and more. Spector’s comments also suggest this is not a new act for Kane and that he’s done this time and time again. Whether Spector has a beef with Kane, or thinks he’s speaking on behalf of the locker room or he’s doing the team a favor, it’s a bit ironic.

Spector Is Making It Worse, Not Better

First, Spector is known for producing drama. He’s made stories out of Leon Draisaitl’s body language and framed questions in a way that is intentionally meant to get under the skin of the players or put them in an awkward spot trying to make for tough responses during media scrums. He’s also turning this Kane thing into a bigger story than it probably needs to be.

Evander Kane Oilers locker room issues

Kane played fine on Monday night. He’ll be in the lineup for Game 2 on Wednesday. The are questions about why Kane would bring it up and how LTIR could have been affected, but all of those questions could have been asked and answered in the offseason. Instead, several people who hear this are going to assume that Kane is creating a rift in the locker room when there may not be one.

Needless to say, the next conversation between Spector and Kane could be an interesting one.

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