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Can the Lightning Strike and Tampa Land Noah Hanifin?

The Calgary Flames are still taking calls on Noah Hanifin and one insider believes the Tampa Bay Lightning are trying to get in this.

In the latest update on Noah Hanifin’s trade situation, Chris Johnston of TSN shed light on the ongoing negotiations. On Tuesday, Johnston provided insight into the 27-year-old defenseman’s future, indicating that while there might still be an effort to reach an agreement, it’s increasingly likely that Hanifin will be traded before the deadline. The latest is that the Tampa Bay Lightning could be kicking tires on the player.

Hanifin holds a no-trade clause with eight teams on the list. Contrary to assumptions, not all of these teams are in the United States. There seems to be room for negotiation, potentially allowing for an open destination to at least one Canadian team. However, the prevailing sentiment is that Hanifin’s preference leans towards a move south of the border.

Noah Hanifin Lightning trade rumors

With a little over two weeks remaining before the trade deadline, teams are actively expressing interest in acquiring the defenseman. Johnston hinted at Tampa Bay as a potential landing spot for Hanifin. The Lightning, known for their stealthy maneuvers during the deadline, are reportedly eyeing the blueliner, especially with Mikhail Sergachev sidelined long-term.

How Much Is A Team Like Tampa Willing to Pay for Hanifin?

The dynamics of the trade landscape suggest that Hanifin’s departure is becoming increasingly likely. The defenseman’s age and skill set make him an attractive asset for multiple teams, and with a limited no-trade clause, Hanifin has a degree of control over his destination. If he opts for the Lightning, and a few others, Calgary may have a tough decision ahead.

While several teams are in the mix for Hanifin, the spotlight is on Tampa Bay, a team renowned for making strategic moves, they hope that Hanifin doesn’t have too many other teams on his radar.

What’s interesting about this is that Tampa doesn’t have a first-round pick in this year’s draft of the 2025 draft. They acquired Brandon Hagel with this year’s pick. They acquire Tanner Jeanotte with the 2025 selection. Does Calgary want to wait until 2026 to get a first-rounder out of this trade? Or, will Tampa find another way to get the assets they need to make this move?

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