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NHL’s Best Wing Men – Big Differences in Top 20 Lists

Do you agree with the NHL Network final list of top 20 wingers throughout the league? A lot of NHL fans don’t seem to.

The NHL Network released its final top 20 winger list earlier this weekend. Of course, in anticipation of the list I took a stab at what my top five winger list would like look, see here. While I considered several different factors (salary term/amount, age), in my list I managed to hit on four of the top five wingers on the final NHL Network list.  While not in the exact same order I also had Artemi Panarin, David Pastrňák, Nikita Kucherov, and Patrick Kane.

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I did mention Alex Ovechkin as potentially the best winger of all time, but instead had JT Miller of the Vancouver Canucks as my 5th top winger. Miller finished as the 17th best winger on both top 20 lists. As expected, I took a bit of heat for Miller in my top five, but I still contend that he will be a beast with the Vancouver Canucks. Miller’s style of play is a perfect fit in terms of what the Canucks need within a talented top six group. Plus, Miller is a bargain at $5.25M over the next three seasons.

Comparing Network and Fan List’s

Of note, the Fan List and the NHL Network list had a handful of names not on both. For example, Andrei Svechnikov was pegged as the sixth best winger on the fan list, but was not in the Network’s final top 20. Also, the tenth spot on the fan list was filled by Philadelphia Flyer, Travis Konecny. Unfortunately for Flyer fans, Konecny did not make the cut on the final NHL Network List top 20 either.

JT Miller – Vancouver Canucks

Conversely, four wingers were not on the Fan List but ended up being in the final Network top 20 list. Blake Wheeler, Matthew Tkachuk, Patrik Laine, and Vladimir Tarasenko were added to the Network’s final list. If you agree that Wheeler and Laine belong in the top 20 then the Jets would have three of the top wingers in the NHL (the other being Kyle Connor who was on both lists).

What do you think? Were there any glaring omissions from either list? Is Panarin the best winger in the league or would you go with Pastrňák?

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