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NHL and the Hockey World Says Farewell to Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek was a true Canadian gentleman with a passion and love for the game of hockey.

Across this great nation, the goal of many Canadian kids is to ‘make it’. For lots of children that meant playing in an NHL game on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada one day. Given his affinity for the game of hockey, perhaps Alex Trebek had those same dreams growing up in Sudbury during the 1940’s and 50’s. However, as nearly every Canadian knows, Trebek ‘made it’ on a completely different path than even he may not have dreamt.

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After starting his career with the CBC in 1961, the talented media personality found his way into the TV game show niche. Trebek eventually became the host of the popular TV game show, Jeopardy. It was during his 36 years with Jeopardy that Trebek became a household name throughout North America.

After learning about his tragic passing Sunday morning, it was initially difficult to try and directly link Trebek to the NHL. Of course, Trebek had a great cameo appearance at the 2020 NHL Draft when he helped the Ottawa Senators select young German star Tim Stuetzle as the third overall selection.

However, as Sunday wore on the link between Trebek and the NHL became evident. It was an association built on admiration, respect, and mutual love. Trebek loved the game of hockey, and his team had always been the Montreal Canadiens. Over the course of a Sunday afternoon it became clear that the NHL was very fond of Trebek.

NHL Support for Trebek

Below are just a few of the individuals and organizations that expressed condolences upon learning of Trebek’s passing including the NHL, Commissioner Gary Bettman, the NHL Alumni Association and Hockey Night in Canada.

Based on the overwhelming support from the hockey world it was clear that Trebek connected with executives, players and fans alike. What is also clear is that anyone that met Trebek instantly became a fan of the great Canadian TV personality.

As such, Mr. Trebek will be sorely missed – may he rest in peace

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