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NHL Trade Talk: Wayne Gretzky Quiz

How much do you think you know about Wayne Gretzky? Test your knowledge with this quiz about the Great One.

In honor of Wayne Gretzky’s 60th birthday, we thought we’d test your knowledge of the greatest player to ever play the game. The Great One may have more hockey history attached to his name that any other player. Can you tell us a few things about him, like where he was born, what sort of records he set and all the teams he played for?

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Gretzky holds or shares 61 NHL records, many of them which will never be broken. He could peer around corners, his “office” was behind the net and he was a nightmare to play against if you ask most of the players who had to.

Take the Wayne Gretzky Quiz

Welcome to your Wayne Gretzky Quiz

Who was Wayne Gretzky's Boyhood Idol?
Whose single-season NHL record for goals did Gretzky break in 1981-82?
If you removed the goals he scored, where would Gretzky rank in terms of total NHL points?
How many different 200-point seasons did Wayne Gretzky have?
How many times did Wayne Gretzky win the Hart Trophy as the NHL’s most valuable player?
Which team did Gretzky finish his NHL career with?
Which team did Gretzky sign his professional contract with?
Where was Wayne Gretzky born?
What team did Gretzky score his first professional goal against?
Wayne Gretzky 99 Oilers

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1 Comment

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