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McDavid’s Magnificent Milestone: 100 Assists in a Single Season

Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid became the first person in three decades to achieve 100 assists in a single season. How rare is that feat?

Edmonton has seen some impressive hockey players come through over the years. One of them just became the fourth person in NHL history to have 100 assists in a single season. The Oilers captain, Connor McDavid hit the milestone in the second period against the San Jose Sharks on Monday night to put the team up 9-1. The score of the game might have been a bit of a shocker, but McDavid hitting 100 assists was surprising to no one.

Hitting his regular linemate Zach Hyman for his 54th goals of the season, chants for “MVP” echoed throughout the arena. While the Art Ross Trophy race isn’t as much of a race as it once was because McDavid has missed games due to an injury, he’s never out of the conversation. Monday’s game pushed him a bit closer. Even if one were to remove all of McDavid’s goals, he would still be in the top ten for scoring. It’s nothing but sensational work from the Oilers captain. 

For the first time in 33 years an NHL player has hit 100 assists in a single season. McDavid has accomplished the almost unfathomable feat. Putting into perspective how remarkable this accomplishment is, in all of NHL history, 100 assists in a single season have been accomplished only 13 times. Of these, 11 were completed by Oilers legend Wayne Gretzky. Only two other players have ever achieved this feat until McDavid.

Additionally, this feat has never been accomplished in the 21st century, making McDavid the first of his generation. It’s likely Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov also hits the milestone this season, but that takes nothing away from what McDavid has accomplished.

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Connor McDavid and His Leadership

The previous 60-goal scorer is dubbed “The Human Apple Tree” by linemate Leon Draistial. This nickname is so true that it’s written into history by McDavid’s 100 assists. Notably, McDavid put up six assists in a single game this season, which is the second-highest in NHL history. On Monday, he scored a goal 13 seconds into the game, but it became clear immediately after, he wasn’t likely to shoot much more. He was looking for passing lanes and his teammates repeatedly. Fans knew what was on the line and with the team a blowout early, everyone in the building was waiting for the inevitable.

Connor McDavid hits 100 assists in a single season for Edmonton Oilers.

Undoubtedly, his remarkable season will be etched into the memories of all hockey fans. Love him or hate him, one must recognize and appreciate McDavid’s talent. From having the worst scoring slump of his career to start the season to becoming the top contender for the Art Ross trophy, McDavid has seen it all this season.

Nevertheless, McDavid leaves defenders and fans alike to ask the question. What planet did this guy come from?

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