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Tkachuk Snaps When Muzzin Flips Puck at Him to Close Leafs and Flames Game

Matthew Tkachuk melted down at the end of the Maple Leafs and Flames game Tuesday when Jake Muzzin flipped the puck at Tkachuk.

Matthew Tkachuk can’t seem to go 24 hours without making hockey headlines. After taking some heat for what many called a dirty shot at Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Jack Campbell, it was Tkachuk who was on the receiving end Tuesday when the Calgary Flames not only lost 4-3 to the Leafs, but when defenseman Jake Muzzin flipped the puck at him to end the game.

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Granted, having someone “shoot” a puck at you in any other situation is going to lead to trouble. While this wasn’t so much a shot as it was a lob to send a message, Muzzin had to know that a player like Tkachuk wasn’t going to let it go. Why would he? This is Tkachuk we’re talking about here.

As Kelly Hrudey said as the players were skating off the ice, “There’s nothing wrong with a little emotion.” Still, something tells us that Tkachuk will have something to say about the incident and it will be a message much different than the one he tried to send when questioned about his knee shot to Campbell. Tkachuk said he was surprised how people still call him out for his behaviour and that particular Campbell play. Tkachuk said, “It’s just a classic thing to try and accuse me of there.”

Tkachuk Is Must-See TV

As much as it will drive fans who don’t cheer for the Flames crazy. And, as much as Flames fans will stand up for Tkachuk and suggest he’s getting the raw deal here, both sides should be able to admit that Tkachuk is must-see television.

In a season where the NHL could really use additional eyeballs on the product, Thachuk is giving fans a reason to tune in. It’s not always for the best of reasons, but how can you not find it entertaining?

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Matthew Tkachuk, Calgary Flames
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