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Former Oiler And Podcaster Suggests Friction Between Kane and McDavid

Was Connor McDavid upset with Evander Kane at the end of Game 6 versus the Los Angeles Kings? One former Oiler seems to think so.

The Edmonton Oilers have stretched their first-round series with the Los Angeles Kings to seven games. The series will go back to Edmonton and, on the heels of performances by Connor McDavid and Evander Kane, the Oilers battled to a 4-2 win on Thursday night. But, one fan, a former Oiler and host of the Spittin’ Chickelts show thinks there might be some friction between the two stars.

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Kane scored two goals in Game 6, the second of which was an empty-net goal to put the game away. He held up seven fingers to the crowd, a sign most people figured meant Game 7. Ryan Whitney does not think McDavid was a fan of said move and gave Kane an earful on the bench.

Whitney wrote, “Kane was foolish to have the 7 fingers up after the Oilers sealed the game last night. I don’t know if he meant Game 7 or that it was his 7th goal of the series. Either way, I think you can see here McDavid was bullshit about it and I don’t blame him one bit.”

Others have come out to say that Kane showing emotion is a good thing and that he was merely responding to Adrian Kempe. Kempe did something similar in Game 5 after scoring when he held his hands up to his ears to suggest he wanted to hear the fans boo him. He was taunting the Edmonton fans and Kane was just giving it back.

Others have suggested that McDavid wasn’t unhappy with Kane, but unhappy with the officials. There were a lot of missed calls during that game, one of which was a huge hit on McDavid in the middle of the ice and should have been called interference, but wasn’t.

Kane spoke after the game and didn’t seem to hint at any friction between the two players. He didn’t shy away from talking about the gesture either, which one would assume he’d do if he figured McDavid was upset with him. When asked about his gesture, he said, “It means game seven baby.” He was complimentary of McDavid’s speed and skill and said the Oilers were going to need everyone, including McDavid in Game 7.

Is Whitney Trying to Stir Up Controversy?

Some fans are calling Whitney out for overreaching when it comes to the reaction of McDavid and whatever it is he might have been upset with. There have been no signs of friction between the two players at all since Kane’s arrival and it would hard to be upset with someone who is emotionally invested in the series and has seven goals in the first round. McDavid wants to win. Kane is helping his team do so.

At the same time, is it a stretch to suggest McDavid wants to win the series before they get cocky and give the Kings a reason to feel fired up before Game 7? Sure.

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