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Happy Lana Day: Lana’s New Merchandise Introduced By WWE

Lana Day is officially here at WWE launches the Happy Lana Day clothing line,

For those that were happy to see Lana join Rusev on SmackDown Live a couple weeks ago, you’ll be even happier to here that the company has decided to get the full power of the WWE promotion machine behind Lana and her reconnection with Rusev Day by launching her own holiday of sorts. If there was ever a case to wish someone in the WWE Universe a “Happy Lana Day”, Tuesday was it as Lana introduced her new line of  Lana Day t-shirts available on

Rusev and Aiden English have been taking SmackDown Live by storm with their Rusev Day gimmick and while WWE hasn’t really given them the run most fans are hoping the two will eventually get, adding Lana to the mix perhaps brings everyone one step closer to a push that will recognize how successful they’ve been at ensuring Rusev Day doesn’t go away. Now, with Lana Day being something WWE wants to promote, they either see the popularity of the idea or know there’s money to be made in t-shirt sales.

Fans can now purchase their very own “Happy Lana Day” t-shirt through WWE’s website, or they can start purchasing them at live events. What appears to be the big difference in design is the fact that the colors have changed to red, white and blue. A bit more American suggests WWE wants to ensure the fans get behind Lana Day; not that fan support would have been an issue. Lana is extremely popular with the WWE fanbase and Rusev even more so. This line, along with the Rusev Day collection is sure to be a smashing hit for WWE.

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