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From Dumpster to Doan: Fan Returns Coyotes’ Retirement Banner

Former Arizona Coyotes’ legend Shane Doan was surprised by a fan when his retirement banner was returned to him after being thrown away.

Shane Doan, former captain of the Arizona Coyotes, has been reunited with his retirement banner, making for an emotional and significant moment in Coyotes history. The banner, which was left behind at Gila River Arena, found its way back to Doan thanks to a dedicated fan who rescued it from a dumpster a few years ago. That same fan got to personally hand it to Doan on Wednesday night as the Coyotes played their final game in Arizona and Doan was in attendance.

During the Coyotes’ final game broadcast, Doan expressed his appreciation for Arizona’s hockey community, emphasizing his belief in the state’s passion for the sport. Clearly, this fan exemplified that passion. Knowing it was just wrong of the organization and arena to toss a piece of history, the fan couldn’t stand to see something so important be disrespected.

Why Did The Banner Get Thrown Away?

Despite some confusion surrounding the disposal of the banner, with initial reports suggesting negligence on the part of Gila River Arena staff, it was later clarified that the Coyotes were indeed contacted about the banner but failed to retrieve it.

John Gambadoro of 98.7 FM in Phoenix initially criticized the arena’s handling of the situation, calling it “pathetic,” but later corrections from within the organization clarified the circumstances. Craig Morgan of PHNX Sports corroborated these statements, confirming that the Coyotes were informed about the banner but did not take action to ensure its safekeeping.

Shane Doan retirement banner returned

The reunion of Doan with his retirement banner serves as a reminder of his impact on the Coyotes franchise and the enduring loyalty of fans. Despite the challenges faced along the way as the NHL tried to make hockey in Arizona work, the misplacement of the banner was symbolic of ownership and the NHL throwing away years of hard work to keep a team in a city the NHL doesn’t want to leave.

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