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Tyson Barrie Fires Back After Trotz and Predators Call Him Out

Defenseman Tyson Barrie is trying to be professional, but he’s not happy in Nashville and has fired back saying he doesn’t see the fit.

Tyson Barrie has responded to Barry Trotz public comments on the discord between the defenseman and the Nashville Predators and how Barrie handled being a healthy scratch. Trotz went on about his disappointment in Barrie and suggested the veteran’s heart wasn’t in it and he was pouting after being held from the lineup. News that Barrie had asked to seek and was granted permission to find a trade became public. Trotz didn’t like that either. Barrie has fired back.

Barrie was asked about what’s going on between the two sides. As per a report by Robby Stanley, Barrie responded, “Well, if we’re getting into it, I’m in the stands so it doesn’t really feel like a great fit. My goal is to be playing hockey. Whether that’s here or elsewhere is up for the powers that be to decide.”

It’s not as bad as it might seem on the surface though. He added, “It was obviously disappointing for me and tough. But they were respectful. We both have respect for each other as people and human beings. It was never contentious. We maybe didn’t see eye-to-eye on some of the Xs and Os but nothing crazy.”

Can the Predators and Barrie Repair Their Relationship?

Barrie has 10 assists in 23 games played. He joined the Predators last season prior to the trade deadline when he was dealt for Mattias Ekholm. The Edmonton Oilers have loved Ekholm as an addition. The Predators are struggling to see where Barrie fits. Head coach Andrew Brunette said, “With Tyson, he’s been a pro and that’s all you can ask for as long as there’s not a disruption in the locker room.” The hope was that the scratching would re-energize him. “I believe there’s more there and we’ll try to find a way to get more out of him.”

Tyson Barrie Nashville Predators trade
Tyson Barrie Nashville Predators trade

Time will tell if this is too far gone now. Either way, Barrie needs to play well to be a real target for some teams that might need a power play quarterback. He’s a useful player, but he’s not inexpensive. If he doesn’t see a fit in Nashville, the question remains, where does he fit? Who could use a rental defenseman that is offensively gifted and could be motivated to prove Nashville wrong?

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