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Top Hockey Blogs in 2020 According to

As the NHL season creeps closer and the 2020 calendar year comes to a close, what are the Top Hockey blogs according to

As the NHL 2020-21 season creeps closer and the very trying year of 2020 is close to being in the rearview mirror, hockey fans will be lined up to get their share of hockey news, looking for rumors and wanting to discuss a sport that might look a bit different in 2021. As such, we thought it might be helpful to provide a few resources.

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The below are highlights from a list of’s top hockey blogs and many of them are quite useful.

If you’re looking for information about the Montreal Canadiens, there’s no better place to look than All Habs Hockey Magazine, which ranks in the number one spot on their overall list.

For general hockey news, check out The Hockey News, which offers the inside scoop on hockey like no other publication – interviews, photos, stats and predictions. Team stories from the best writers in all 30 NHL cities.

The Hockey Writers ranks in at No. 3 and is labeled the fastest growing hockey news site around. Featuring over 100 outstanding hockey writers bringing you behind the scenes, opinions and breaking news on all things NHL. … I also happen to write for that publication and you can check out some of my articles here.

NHL realignment proposal

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) | Youtube is a site that covers all news and information about all news international and overseas while How To Hockey is a great resource dedicated to helping you improve your hockey skills. Check out tutorials that will help you to learn the basics of hockey, along with regular posts that contain more advanced tips, drills, exercises and more.

Where Does NHL Trade Talk Rank?

As a newer site, we’re working our way up to ladder at You can find us holding down the No. 48 spot out of 70. It’s not where we want to be as the site grows, but we’ll take what we can get.

You can check out the Top 70 at this link.

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