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Investigation Under Way Over “Fixed” Swedish Hockey Game

Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston is reporting allegations that members of Björklöven “fixed” tonight’s 8-4 loss to Mora in the Allsvenskan.

Chris Johnston of Sportsnet is reporting that there is a potentially huge story developing in Swedish hockey. On Monday, through a series of tweets, Johnston share a story that there are allegations that members of Björklöven “fixed” tonight’s 8-4 loss to Mora in the Allsvenskan. At this point, the talk is getting pretty serious and the CEO of the team says he welcomes an investigation, which is already underway.

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Johnston goes on to explain what’s got people looking into the game with closer eyes. Björklöven was up 3-0 after the first period at home. They then gave up the next seven goals. While that might not be a huge issue in other circumstances, in this case, “there was so much money was bet on Mora that the odds changed in unusual ways and the game was eventually removed from many betting sites.”

The story being reported out of Sweden by notes, “…it has been speculated that players from Björklöven were involved in “match-fixing” and deliberately acted in a way that benefited the opposing team.” In other words, they either bet on the game or others they knew bet on the game as it was going on and the took a dive to take advantage of the changing odds.

While this embarrassing for all parties involved, the people who run the team want answers. They note they “have an incredibly hard time believing that someone in Björklöven has been involved in such a type of activity.: That said, they add that they want to get down to the bottom of what is a serious accusation. If it turns out to be true, there “we will do everything to come back stronger” ,says Anders Blomberg.

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