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Insiders Say Tkachuk Will Fight Kassian In Next Oilers/Flames Game

Two hockey analysts out of Edmonton have said they’d heard rumblings that word has filtered through the Flames locker room that Matthew Tkachuck better accept Kassian’s invite to a fight.

There has been a lot of talk when it comes to the incidences between Zack Kassian and Matthew Tkachuk. First, it was the three hits Tkachuk delivered, some of which were questionable. Then, it was a crazed Kassian lambasting an unwilling combatant in Tkachuk. Finally, it was Kassian getting suspended for two games and a lot of the Edmonton Oilers players aren’t pleased even though they’ll get a chance to even things up on January 29th when the Oilers and Flames meet again.

The latest development is that fans should expect Tkachuck and Kassian to drop the gloves on January 29th.

Why Would Tkachuk Accept the Fight?

Bob Stauffer and Mark Spector spoke on today’s episode of Oilers Now on 630 CHED and both agreed that fans can expect Kassian will be looking for a fight and Tkachuk will finally accept it.

When asked by media why he refused to square up with Kassian in Saturday’s game, Tkachuk responded that half the league wouldn’t want to fight that guy. Most importantly, he believes the rest of his teammates would rather have had Tkachuk on the ice than in the penalty box at an important time in the game.

Allegedly, Tkachuk read his teammates wrong.

Stauffer said he’s heard that word has filtered through the locker room that Tkachuck’s teammates aren’t pleased with his turtling and not stepping up. Names like Milan Lucic, Mark Giordano and others aren’t pleased with the way a young player on their team is giving off the impression the team won’t back up his actions on the ice. And many don’t like that Tkachuk is setting a dangerous precedent.

Apparently, it’s been quietly relayed to Tkachuk that he needs to do the right thing if Kassian engages in their next match-up and should Tkachuk refuse, he’s going to have issues with his own team, even if, at the end of the day, they are own his side.

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Let’s remember, this is all coming from two media members in Edmonton. While it’s fair to suggest they know something most of the general public might not, this could be wishful thinking.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim

    January 14, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    I dont believe Tkachuk will fight Kassian. He may do the bear hug dance and fall to the ice or even try to haul Kassian down but he will not exchange blows in my opinion. He doesn’t have it in him. If Turtle boy does drop the gloves and at the end of the altercation Kassian does not feel he got his money’s worth. He will challenge Tkachuk again. Just my opinion.

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