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Teams Ask Maple Leafs For 4 Key Assets as Trade Deadline Nears

As the Toronto Maple Leafs try to figure out their deadline plans, teams are calling about four key assets the team doesn’t want to trade.

In a recent segment on the 32 Thoughts podcast, Elliotte Friedman provided insights into the Toronto Maple Leafs’ approach leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline. Friedman, reiterating his earlier stance, suggested that the Maple Leafs may not go all-in this season, emphasizing the team’s cautious evaluation of their roster’s competitiveness.

While acknowledging ongoing scrutiny about the Leafs’ intentions, Friedman highlighted their persistent scouring of the trade market, particularly in the quest for defensive reinforcements. The management, led by GM Brad Treliving, has been committed to fortifying the blue line for the long term.

What are the Maple Leafs going to do about their blue line and the trade deadline?

Friedman maintained his belief that the Leafs are not entirely convinced that the current season is their prime opportunity for a deep playoff run. He noted that the team remains wary of making short-term moves that could jeopardize their future prospects. They certainly don’t want to give up anything they deem is a key core piece moving forward.

What Are Teams Calling and Asking the Maple Leafs About?

In terms of trade inquiries, Friedman disclosed that other teams are predominantly expressing interest in four key assets – Matthew Knies, Fraser Minten, Easton Cowan, and the Leafs’ first-round pick. He emphasized that, especially for short-term solutions, the Leafs are reluctant to part with any of these assets.

Matthew Knies and Fraser Minten of the Maple Leafs are not pieces the team wants to move

Friedman briefly touched on Knies’ challenging season but expressed confidence in the young player’s abilities, indicating a reluctance to trade him. Selling on the player would be a mistake. Selling low would be a huge one. The Leafs’ cautious approach suggests a strategic focus on long-term success rather than making hasty decisions for immediate gains.

As the trade deadline approaches, the Maple Leafs face the daunting task of balancing present needs with future seasons of being competitive, a challenge that hinges on their assessment of the team’s readiness for a championship push this season.

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