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Sharks’ Evander Kane Files for Bankruptcy

Evander Kane is filing for bankruptcy and is apparently broke after making more then $50 million in his NHL career.

Somehow, Evander Kane — who makes $7 million per season and has made no less than $5.25 million since 2012/13 — is claiming he’s broke, and a bankruptcy statement suggests gambling, dependents and houses, among other things are to blame.

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According to reports, Kane’s bankruptcy filing also includes:

  • $1.5M gambling loss last yr
  • 7 family dependents
  • 6 active suits, Centennial Bank seeking $8.3M
  • Monthly income of -$91,131.1
  • $1.2M credit to Sure Sports
  • $1.88M counterclaim against woman in 2016 battery suit

The filling detailed liabilities (debt) of $26.8M and assets, largely three homes, of $10.2M – and included a note that warns he may not even play this year. The filing details:

“Debtor may terminate his contract and he may opt out of the season, as allowed under current rules, because of health concerns given the recent birth of his first child. Should he terminate his contract or opt out at a point in the season, Debtor will not receive his salary.”

This Is Troubling and Hard to Believe, But Possible

Kane has made over $52 million in his hockey career and recently challenged a YouTube boxer and star Jake Paul to a handsome payday. It now makes sense why.

There have been countless documentaries on the troubles that come with being rich and famous and living a lifestyle that is both financially dangerous and beyond one’s means.

While it’s difficult to hear of anyone going through this kind of thing, and gambling is a serious matter, there aren’t going to be a lot of fans who offer their sympathy. After all, this is the same person who, back when he was part of the Winnipeg Jets organization, flaunted his cash on a balcony. The photo went viral and he later admitted it was a bad idea.

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