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Senators Getting In On Trade Talks: DeBrincat, Puljujarvi, More

The Senators are kicking tires on some of the bigger names in the NHL trade rumor mill, including Alex DeBrincat and Jesse Puljujarvi.

The Ottawa Senators might be a team to watch. Recent rumors speculate they are getting in on conversations regarding some of the more interesting names out there in the trade rumor mill. Among them are Alex DeBrincat of the Chicago Blackhawks and Jesse Puljujarvi of the Edmonton Oilers.

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DeBrincat is a potential regular 40-goal guy, the type of player that isn’t readily available on the trade market. The Blackhawks are rebuilding and his prime years might not match up with their competitive window. As such, he’s a better fit elsewhere if the Blackhawks can land a huge return in a trade. He’s owed a $9 million qualifying offer and that kind of money out for a player who is good but might not be needed on a lottery team is better sent to a franchise that feels they are steadily improving and have a young core that will be competitive in the next two seasons. The Senators need a scoring winger and would pay for DeBrincat if he becomes available.

Ottawa Senators interested in Alex DeBrincat and Jesse Puljujarvi

According to Scott Powers and Ian Mendes of The Athletic, the Senators have inquired about DeBrincat and have the assets available to pull off a trade like this.

As for Jesse Puljujuarvi, he too is a young player with a ton of upside, something the Senators would be looking for. He’s going to be much less expensive than DeBrincat and analytics supporters believe he’s got the tools to be a major value signing. The Oilers and Puljujarvi are reportedly not on the same page. He wants to be a top-six winger and the Oilers have a deeper top-six than many teams. Puljujarvi can work his way back up, but it doesn’t sound like he wants to and would be ok with moving on. In Ottawa, there’s a good chance he’d slot into their top-six right away.

Can the Senators land one of these two players? They have plenty of picks, including one that is high in the first round and multiple second and third-rounders. Those assets, among prospects, would be what the Blackhawks and Oilers (who would flip the pick for a useful player) are looking for.

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