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Couturier on Flyers Future: Will Clear Air With Tortorella

Sean Couturier says he plans to “clear the air” with John Tortorella over the summer and talk about his future with the Flyers.

While speaking with the media on Wednesday, Philadelphia Flyers center Sean Couturier openly criticized his performance in the latter half of the season. A player who struggled down the stretch and had some very public issues with head coach John Tortorella’s decision to scratch him, that he is acknowledging his struggles and attributing them partly to mental challenges is a sign that there’s a chance to save this relationship with his coach over the summer.

Despite feeling strong in the initial 40 games, Couturier expressed disappointment in his decline and his desire to get back his previous level of play. He plans to address concerns with coach John Tortorella during the offseason, aiming to clear the air after what he described as a tough stretch.

Couturier emphasized his commitment to improvement and teamwork and suggested some of his previous comments were taken out of context. He didn’t shy away from admitting his shortcomings or making excuses for his play, even after a prolonged absence from the game due to injury. Instead, he viewed the experience as a valuable learning opportunity, vowing to bounce back stronger next season.

Couturier Downplayed the Issues and Distractions at the End of the Flyers’ Season

Regarding recent controversies surrounding his scratching from games, Couturier tried to squash any speculation that there would be ongoing issues. He noted the distractions caused by media attention, emphasizing his focus on team success. He seemed to regret that things got out as they did. However, he didn’t necessarily refute the alleged discontent among some players, suggesting the drama may have negatively impacted team morale.

Sean Couturier John Tortorella Flyers

Despite the challenges faced by the Flyers, Couturier highlighted the team’s resilience in battling for a playoff spot, despite initial doubts about their competitiveness. It will be intriguing to see where his conversations with Tortorella go. The Flyers and the coach have both said Torts isn’t going anywhere. It will be up to Couturier to find a way to work within his coach’s system. He remains determined to overcome setbacks and contribute to the team’s success moving forward.

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